What to say next by Julie buxbaum

As I write this it’s currently 6:05 am I haven’t done a all night reading session and I feel sooo drained. Going in I was sooo excited and when saw Julie was making a new contemp I put it to my must reads of 2017 after tell me three things was one of my fav reads of 16. But starts off at school lunch David or dd short for David and last name is sitting he is a nobody a extreme nerd with no social skills what’s so ever. Then suddenly Katherine (kit) sits at his lonely lunch table and suddenly starts talking to him. She is near one of most popular girls so you say why In the world would she want to sit with the low of the low. Maybe she is there to find of way to make fun of him or actually seems guinely interested in talking. (Same line for 20 mins fallen asleep here X) ) the one thing that Julie has down pat that proubly did alot of research about is how anti social to real world Dave is and just how does kit not just suddenly go poof given how weird he is. Unlike most contemp I feel this book has no chemistry between the mc’s even though it’s a contemp and exact oppsite that tell me three things had. So over all once again my hype for myself failed me. Ok read but not a fav like tm3 things was but look foward to more books by Julie 4/5 stars ~~~~~~~~ JUSTIN

All In Pieces- Suzanne Young

“Sickness swirls as I stare at him, wishing I had a pencil to drive through his face. I don’t, so I’ll have to settle for a knee to the sack.”

This is my first official experience with Suzanne Young. I’ve heard a lot of great things about her novels and decided to give this a try. If all of her books are like this, then I’m set for my heart to cringe and cry. The feelings from this book overwhelm you in a way where there’s no way that it can end.

Savannah used to be a normal girl, had a loving family, was popular and had the most amazing boyfriend. When her little brother Evan was found to have a disability, Mom split and dad let his life spiral out of control, leaving Savannah to take care of her brother.

Her boyfriend Patrick being the ass that he is says some wicked things about her brother and she stabs him with a pencil. Getting kicked out of school and being placed at an academy for trouble makers. Ruining her life completely.

Making two best friends at the academy, she thinks she has all she needs in life. Until you throw in a gorgeous rich boy who cares and an evil Aunt trying to destroy the only love she has in her life. 

Savannah must overcome so many obstacles and not let anyone stand in her way or else they get the pencil.

This was one fantastic book. I was expecting such raw emotional power flowing through these pages. With the love she has for her brother, the stalking of her exboyfriend, the best friends who will shatter the world for her and the unconditional love of a complete stranger will change your mind about everything. 

Not everyone has the perfect rose colored life. We all grow up in different ways and deal with different dilemmas. 

We only have a short time on this planet and make the most of it, for you and your surroundings. 

Find the beauty in cracked surfaces.


The Stand-In- Steve Bloom

“Know how when you get high you think you’re saying all sorts of super important crap, crap so heavy and mind-blowing that it would forever change your life if only you could remember exactly what it is you said?And those few times you do remember to write the crap down, the next morning you either can’t understand what you wrote because your handwriting’s totally illegible or if you do understand what you wrote you can’t understand why you thought it was so incredible when you wrote it?”

Reveived at BEA Chicago!

I swear that quote was my life and at one point, stood true to what you were doing. This will make you see that sometimes even white lies can turn into a catastrophe. 

Brooks Rattigan has a dead-end job, finishing his senior year of High School, lives at home with his stoner dad who doesn’t care about the world around him, all while trying to get into Columbia University. 

At work, he overhears that someone was stood up for a dance and Brooks accepts this stand-in date to the dance. After the shindig is over and making almost three hundred dollars from the occasion, he decides to put his name out there while helping these girls and himself into getting what they all want. With everyone being happy in the end, but we all know that this isn’t how it all ends.

Date after date after date, he racks up a nice penny all while breaking hearts and falling in love. 

With his underhanded business in full swing, he breaks hearts, throws rough patches into his dads face and alienates his only true friend. 

Can Brooks see the true hurt he is causing people before it is too late? Will he overcome the need to impress the snob Shelby and find true love with someone who likes him for him?

Love always comes at a price. Be honest with the one you’re with, the tiniest of lies can throw your life and the relationship off track. 

And what you think might be a good dead, could actually harm those in the humiliating end. 

On a side note, someone is a fan of A Christmas Story…



Windwitch by Susan dennard

This book was alright didn’t go how I thought the story would but still a good read. But tho book left off where it did in truthwitch. Not often I right reviews where it’s further in the series so it’s hard to explain with out spoiling 1st book. But *SPOILER* don’t say didn’t warn you!!!  But safi and iz left off where safi has been captured by marz can pronounce rest of country but there sailing towards that country and safi is captured given she knows when people are lieing so being used to that advantage & iz is on the run from the blood witch & the cleeved. *END *SPOILER*  can iz and safi meet back up to save the world who knows? And some questions asked around from truth witch with all these countries who is your friend maybe some enemies might be your friend or maybe switched your friend might not be. But to say this book had high expectations it filled some of it and some not but overall it held me over. So would give this book 4/5 stars ~~~~~~ justin     Sorry this cruddy written review and due part besides being at yallfest Iv been in a huge book slump. 

My Life And Other Unfinished Business- Dolly Parton

“There might be a safety pin in the nose, but there’s a hillbilly in the heart.”

I can’t say that I was ever obsessed with Dolly. What got me into this queen was the book Dumplin’. Plus size gal who adored Dolly and strutted her stuff to her songs. Sold! I instantly became a fan and started singing her songs all over the house. Pretty sure my husband was sick of me. And all I had to say was… “They let you dream, Just to watch ’em shatter, You’re just a step, On the boss-man’s ladder”

And if Dumplin’ didn’t grasp your soul, then her Coat of Many Colors did. With love in your heart and ugly tears streaming down your face, you were sold of that ol’ gal. 

She has lead one hell of an incredible life. Letting no one stand in her way and not letting words stop her. 

Growing up in a very poor community, people picked on her and made her feel that what she appreciated wasn’t enough. She pushed on and overcame with her head held high and love in her heart. Not even the devil could touch that with a ten foot pole.

All through her life she suffered from criticism and sexism, but with the bright light in ths sky licking upon her shoulders, she had nothing to lose. 

From a young age she knew she was destined to be a somebody and not just a lazy housewife popping out ten kids. 

This autobiography was not one to mess with and will sweep you on your ass. She put her heart and soul out for the world to see and wants only your love and support in return. And if it’s hatred you want to spread, then lets get the bread out. 

If you’re looking for an uplifting memior, look no further. And if you need all the D’s, you have arrived at the right place.


Confessions Of A Hater- Caprice Crane

“They say nothing brings two people together like a common enemy,  but they never tell you what brings two common enemies together.”

Hailey is a nerd, a nobody, a loser and she wants things to change. Her father receives a job of a lifetime and decides to move his family to Hollywood.(eye roll, snort, sigh)

Going through her sisters things that she no longer wants, she takes her clothes and finds a journal. Sweet baby jesus!! It’s a how to be a hater journal. Just what she needs to be a typical asshole who picked on her.

Wearing her sisters “cool” clothes, picked up a few tips from the journal, off she is to make her statement. 

Befriending the cool kids on her very first day. It only takes her a short time to screw everything up. Pfft! What a nerd!!

Those bullies are ruthless and become her worst nightmare. With this special journal, she has a few schemes up her sleeve for her and her outcast friends to get those pesky teens back. 

Now, let me save you a few boring hours and sum this up nice and tight for you. If you look at the illustrations in the front and back cover you will figure out the entire story. Minus a few makeout sessions and the racism. 

How none of these girls got arrested is beyond me. I don’t care how good you think your art is, you are still going to jail for being an idiot. 

Just save your time and pick up something not written by a rich valley girl.

Like, you know, whatever!


Goodbye Days- Jeff Zentner

“My parents sit at the kitchen table having coffee and cereal when I stumble in. They look at me as though I have told them I have an invisible friend who tells me to collect knives and pee in jars.”

Received an arc from First In Line!

Reading the synopsis of this book, you know that it will leave you a blubbering mess. All your emotions will be swimming in the air trying to get out first. So you’re laugh crying at the gloriousness that is this book. 

Wipe your brow off and prepare to be drained of all your emotions.

The subject in this book is one that is in the headlines. Teens texting and driving and what can come from that horrible aftermath of breaking the rules of the road. As the laws get stricter and stricter for texting and driving, you’ll still see people breaking that law over and over again thinking that the horribleness won’t follow them when they take their eyes off of the road to read that message.

Carver regrets ever sending that text message that ruined the life of his friends, their families and even himself. Blake looks down at the text and responds halfway before Bam! plows right into the back of a semi, instantly killing three of Carvers best friends. Blake, Mars, and Eli.

Fingers are pointed and laws were disobeyed. Funerals and hard stares come and go. Blakes grandma just wants one more day to say goodbye to Blake and she seeks the help of Carver.

Carver and his therapist talk it over and believe that it might help relieve the stress of going through such a traumatic experience. But not everyone is on board at letting Carver slide away that easily. 

Will people be willing to have their last days with Carver and move on?

This one was a hard one to get though. The subject is so raw and heartbreaking that it makes you want to hold your loved ones a little closer and remind them every day that you love them. Forget the transgressions from the past and move on. Embrace that love and spread it.

And the next time you think that you can text and drive, please think again. You are putting the life of not only yourself but others at risk. No one knows what traffic will be like from day to day. That one text can wait until you are safely parked somewhere. A life isn’t worth losing over one little message.