The wish granter by cj redwine 

 I received this book at New York City comic con.: This book is oh man soooo freaking good. It was my first book by cj redwine I had been wanting to read the shadow queen one day but still haven’t but after I come back from yallfest is my first thing going to do. But this book is fairy tale retelling of rumbleskin I think is how you say it. I didnt read much as a little kid and family didn’t to me to much so I don’t many of the fairy tales unless it’s so popular like beauty and the beast and such. So was going into this book blind into this book with out single idea. 

This book has it fair share of a strong female herowin who uses her brain over physical attributes so was nice to see since when think strong herowin you think the women who try to fight back and can never go down. Plus the pasing of this book was really good never a dull moment since have spots where find more details of characters lives and just mean small amount but then goes right into more action for this book. Alistar for this book even though he is short since is a fairy not a leppercaughn but he is very short so think that but way he is described in this book you would not think he is a very vicious little demon.  Only issue I think that was bad and it’s so minor is cj makes Thad so weak and made him seem helpless like besides trying keep control of his country but felt he did absolutely nothing to figure out the secrets of things. But offcially this book is tied with 3 other books for fav of the year so hope it become one for you. This book is out in feb 2016.  5/5 stars ~~~~~justin 

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There is nothing better than a great cup of coffee and an even better book.

5 thoughts on “The wish granter by cj redwine 

  1. I NEED THIS BOOK!!!!!!

    Sorry, that’s a bit affront but I can’t wait for this to be officially released. I loved Queen of Hearts because I love all Alice in wonderland things, and where the book left off….. I just wanna know!


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