Goodbye Days- Jeff Zentner

“My parents sit at the kitchen table having coffee and cereal when I stumble in. They look at me as though I have told them I have an invisible friend who tells me to collect knives and pee in jars.”

Received an arc from First In Line!

Reading the synopsis of this book, you know that it will leave you a blubbering mess. All your emotions will be swimming in the air trying to get out first. So you’re laugh crying at the gloriousness that is this book. 

Wipe your brow off and prepare to be drained of all your emotions.

The subject in this book is one that is in the headlines. Teens texting and driving and what can come from that horrible aftermath of breaking the rules of the road. As the laws get stricter and stricter for texting and driving, you’ll still see people breaking that law over and over again thinking that the horribleness won’t follow them when they take their eyes off of the road to read that message.

Carver regrets ever sending that text message that ruined the life of his friends, their families and even himself. Blake looks down at the text and responds halfway before Bam! plows right into the back of a semi, instantly killing three of Carvers best friends. Blake, Mars, and Eli.

Fingers are pointed and laws were disobeyed. Funerals and hard stares come and go. Blakes grandma just wants one more day to say goodbye to Blake and she seeks the help of Carver.

Carver and his therapist talk it over and believe that it might help relieve the stress of going through such a traumatic experience. But not everyone is on board at letting Carver slide away that easily. 

Will people be willing to have their last days with Carver and move on?

This one was a hard one to get though. The subject is so raw and heartbreaking that it makes you want to hold your loved ones a little closer and remind them every day that you love them. Forget the transgressions from the past and move on. Embrace that love and spread it.

And the next time you think that you can text and drive, please think again. You are putting the life of not only yourself but others at risk. No one knows what traffic will be like from day to day. That one text can wait until you are safely parked somewhere. A life isn’t worth losing over one little message.


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