Silence Under Screams- Collin Henderson

A collection of four bizarre horror stories that are so spooky you’ll never sleep again. Usually, with a book that contains a collection of short stories, you’ll only enjoy one out of the bunch. This book is here to change your mind. Every one of these four stories gets creepier and creepier. They are so creepy that they’ll scare the pants right off of you. Well, would you look at that? No pants! How the hell!!? I told you guys this would happen.

In my opinion, HC was made for short stories and probably made for loving you like Kiss has stated. 

Every single one of these stories had that creep factor and at times I felt myself coming a little uneasy and taking my feet from off the floor. Who knows, something might have come out and grabbed my ankles. I really wasn’t going to take that chance. Feet off of the floor, not looking into mirrors and sure as hell not kissing the satanic bible to speak to the dead. 

The writing style if very unique and intriguing. Makes you want to read the entire thing in one sitting, which I have almost have done if it wasn’t for sleep. 

This mix of bizarro horror will bring out your love for the weirdness in horror and have you rummaging through your B rated movie collection on VHS for the gems of yesteryear.


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