The Stand-In- Steve Bloom

“Know how when you get high you think you’re saying all sorts of super important crap, crap so heavy and mind-blowing that it would forever change your life if only you could remember exactly what it is you said?And those few times you do remember to write the crap down, the next morning you either can’t understand what you wrote because your handwriting’s totally illegible or if you do understand what you wrote you can’t understand why you thought it was so incredible when you wrote it?”

Reveived at BEA Chicago!

I swear that quote was my life and at one point, stood true to what you were doing. This will make you see that sometimes even white lies can turn into a catastrophe. 

Brooks Rattigan has a dead-end job, finishing his senior year of High School, lives at home with his stoner dad who doesn’t care about the world around him, all while trying to get into Columbia University. 

At work, he overhears that someone was stood up for a dance and Brooks accepts this stand-in date to the dance. After the shindig is over and making almost three hundred dollars from the occasion, he decides to put his name out there while helping these girls and himself into getting what they all want. With everyone being happy in the end, but we all know that this isn’t how it all ends.

Date after date after date, he racks up a nice penny all while breaking hearts and falling in love. 

With his underhanded business in full swing, he breaks hearts, throws rough patches into his dads face and alienates his only true friend. 

Can Brooks see the true hurt he is causing people before it is too late? Will he overcome the need to impress the snob Shelby and find true love with someone who likes him for him?

Love always comes at a price. Be honest with the one you’re with, the tiniest of lies can throw your life and the relationship off track. 

And what you think might be a good dead, could actually harm those in the humiliating end. 

On a side note, someone is a fan of A Christmas Story…



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