What to say next by Julie buxbaum

As I write this it’s currently 6:05 am I haven’t done a all night reading session and I feel sooo drained. Going in I was sooo excited and when saw Julie was making a new contemp I put it to my must reads of 2017 after tell me three things was one of my fav reads of 16. But starts off at school lunch David or dd short for David and last name is sitting he is a nobody a extreme nerd with no social skills what’s so ever. Then suddenly Katherine (kit) sits at his lonely lunch table and suddenly starts talking to him. She is near one of most popular girls so you say why In the world would she want to sit with the low of the low. Maybe she is there to find of way to make fun of him or actually seems guinely interested in talking. (Same line for 20 mins fallen asleep here X) ) the one thing that Julie has down pat that proubly did alot of research about is how anti social to real world Dave is and just how does kit not just suddenly go poof given how weird he is. Unlike most contemp I feel this book has no chemistry between the mc’s even though it’s a contemp and exact oppsite that tell me three things had. So over all once again my hype for myself failed me. Ok read but not a fav like tm3 things was but look foward to more books by Julie 4/5 stars ~~~~~~~~ JUSTIN

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There is nothing better than a great cup of coffee and an even better book.

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