Silence Under Screams- Collin Henderson

A collection of four bizarre horror stories that are so spooky you’ll never sleep again. Usually, with a book that contains a collection of short stories, you’ll only enjoy one out of the bunch. This book is here to change your mind. Every one of these four stories gets creepier and creepier. They are so creepy that they’ll scare the pants right off of you. Well, would you look at that? No pants! How the hell!!? I told you guys this would happen.

In my opinion, HC was made for short stories and probably made for loving you like Kiss has stated. 

Every single one of these stories had that creep factor and at times I felt myself coming a little uneasy and taking my feet from off the floor. Who knows, something might have come out and grabbed my ankles. I really wasn’t going to take that chance. Feet off of the floor, not looking into mirrors and sure as hell not kissing the satanic bible to speak to the dead. 

The writing style if very unique and intriguing. Makes you want to read the entire thing in one sitting, which I have almost have done if it wasn’t for sleep. 

This mix of bizarro horror will bring out your love for the weirdness in horror and have you rummaging through your B rated movie collection on VHS for the gems of yesteryear.


Kill The Boy Band- Goldy Moldavsky

“Because the truth is, it isn’t worth loving something if you aren’t going to love it all the way.” 

Received from my good friend Jennifer. Thanks, Girl!!

We all can admit that we are or were fangirls at one point. I’ll admit it, I was a total nerdy, obsessed fangirl. With the cutting out of pictures, buying everything that I could get my hands on and even pretending that they were beside me at all times. 

When it comes to fangirling, we have all thought about taking things a little too far. Maybe cut a lock of his hair, steal his possessions and even try to kidnap the one you “love”. And this book makes all of those dreams com true. It goes from Sweet Mother of God to Holy S**t Holy S**T at the scratch of a record. 

The Ruperts are coming!! And the crowd goes wild. Sloane (if that is your real name), Apple, Erin, and Isobel are obsessed. I mean, let me sleep outside for days to get concert tickets obsessed. They are coming back to New York and the luck has run out. The can’t come up with tickets. The next best thing to get to them, get a hotel room at the same hotel as them. 

It starts off with overly obsessing to all these hidden agendas and back stabbing. Isobel getting hot tips on where and when the Ruperts will make an appearance. 

Apple spots her man and runs full force at him, knocking him unconscious. Instead of looking for help, she drags him back to the hotel room and things starts to get tricky from there. 

Arguments, name calling and back stabbing make all for one great night as freaking out turns into kidnapping. All that ends up into something unmanageable. Better watch out!

Will these girls schemes ruin their chances of being with the ones they love? Or will they land up in jail with the rest of the stalking fan girls?

This book was one hell of a hilarious adventure. I hope the author adds onto this story because it was very true to how girls who are on a mission act. This lets you have your cake and eat it too without all the calories and without spending a night in jail and having to do some questionable things for a quick smoke. 

Be careful what you wish for ladies! Sometimes these famous men aren’t as great as they seem to be.


November to read pile

Some books I’m hoping my to get they this November are 

Blood rose rebellion: this book has me hooked on its cover. Just sadly my book has a sticker from publisher and I’m not even going to try and remove it. 

Spindle: they were out of it at ALA  I read the back and was interested but forgot about it now what it was about. 

Lola and the boy next door: I love contempory so had to add Atleast one to my read list.

Some other books are the sun is also a star, roseblood and rest is books decide to pick up In my pile. 

The wish granter by cj redwine 

 I received this book at New York City comic con.: This book is oh man soooo freaking good. It was my first book by cj redwine I had been wanting to read the shadow queen one day but still haven’t but after I come back from yallfest is my first thing going to do. But this book is fairy tale retelling of rumbleskin I think is how you say it. I didnt read much as a little kid and family didn’t to me to much so I don’t many of the fairy tales unless it’s so popular like beauty and the beast and such. So was going into this book blind into this book with out single idea. 

This book has it fair share of a strong female herowin who uses her brain over physical attributes so was nice to see since when think strong herowin you think the women who try to fight back and can never go down. Plus the pasing of this book was really good never a dull moment since have spots where find more details of characters lives and just mean small amount but then goes right into more action for this book. Alistar for this book even though he is short since is a fairy not a leppercaughn but he is very short so think that but way he is described in this book you would not think he is a very vicious little demon.  Only issue I think that was bad and it’s so minor is cj makes Thad so weak and made him seem helpless like besides trying keep control of his country but felt he did absolutely nothing to figure out the secrets of things. But offcially this book is tied with 3 other books for fav of the year so hope it become one for you. This book is out in feb 2016.  5/5 stars ~~~~~justin 

Kindred Spirits-Rainbow Rowell

I have never heard of World Book Day until I picked up this lovable short story. After finishing this, I rushed online and joined their mailing list. I know! I know! I’m a nerd! But who cares!!!

It’s here! The wait is almost over!!!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is right around the corner and Elena is here to wait in that line no matter what to see her favorite franchise take over the world. She bleeds, pukes, breathes, sleeps and even goes in her pants Star Wars all day every day. 

When she gets in line, there are only two people in front of her. What? This can’t be right?

Wacky adventures, cheap thrills and peeing beside dumpsters all for the sake of Star Wars.

This book is so not fair! Really! There isn’t enough. Where is the rest of it? 

It leaves you on the edge and there wasn’t an end in sight. I really hope that she follows up with this short story because it was too cute just to leave up in the air like that.

All fans or something cute and sweet will like this and for diehard fans of Rainbow will fall in love all over again.