Fight Club 2- Chuck Palahniuk

“The Highest Form of Authority Resides In: A. Tyler Durden”

The greatest Christmas gift I have received this year. 

I’m about to break all the rules. Fight Club is back and it does not even come close to lining up to the original. Interesting and unique, but it’s not what we were craving. And only the master Chuck can write himself into his own book. 

Narrator going by Sebastian is back, married to the one and only Marla and they have a son, Junior.

Sebastian has a nine to five and takes pills to live and forget. Marla hasn’t changed and lies in group meetings. Testicular Cancer, sickle cell and even progeria. She thought she could live without Tyler, but she can’t. To get him back she has been swapping out Sebastians pills little by little.

The Maggots are now ready. Project Mayhem is in full effect and Tyler is a god. Your money is no good here Mr. Durden!

The hunt is on the save the world and her son from Tylers grip. How will it end?

I think since this wasn’t what we wanted he should write a novel of FC2. We deserve it. And I’m kind of biased with Chuck. Couldn’t rate this any lower than I did. Snowflakes don’t do that.

Read at your own risk!!


My top reads of 2016 months (1-6)

So here are some of my fav reads of this year from Jan to June to my make my life easier since there is so many choices. I’ll try to do a top 10ish

1. A court of mist and fury by Sarah j Maas

This book has the romance down perfect even if makes a old person in last book look like a total ahole. But amazing fantasy the world building. This will be in my top all time fav reads. 

2. A shadow bright and burning by Jessica cluess

Debut author comes up with amazing magic and sorcers some what not fully to Harry Potter and loved the gang of this book challenging to beat these mystical creatures that has plagued them.  Now onto the hard parts of figuring my next few books. 

3. Tell me three things by Julie buxbaum

This cute contempory has you guessing who her secret admirer a new girl who just moved and knows no one and gets a email but some nobody trying help the new girl way thru school. Has you guessing whole time who it is and it’s very adorable simular but this is better to ps I like you which was out further in the year. 

4.walk in the sun 

Also another adorable contemp out from the country. I don’t know what it is but I love country contemps. But starts off a girl with family has to hire extra help on the farm and the guy is just into town looking for work on his voyage for Europe can some one get in the way of making this trip you gotta find out but besides work the bickering is sooo funny and cute

5.  The lovely reckless by kami Garcia 

Now let’s go the other way now ya hear?  This book deals with things as kami puts it the worst area of where she grew up. This romance has action with street racing and adrenaline pumping plus the guy in the book is a bad ass while the girl is exact opposite a little rich girl who has a bad turn of events after someone died. Can they both help each other out when the time gets tough? One of the books i prey gets a second book to the series and I bug kami and met her editor a couple of times thru the year given I’m in NYC we need a book 2. So make that a wish please.

6. The unexpected everything by Morgan matson 

Going into this book I didn’t know any thing of this author what she wrote, my friend had gifted me many arcs and this was one and a few others on bookcon app were like lucky so I’m like hmm it’s very liked author let me give a try and glad I did. Follows a girl who always been in spotlight since her dad is a senator. But she has her life all planned out till her dad gets caught in a scandal and all her things planned said can’t come to this school program and all. So she is stuck and has to find a job (ends up being a great job by the way one Iv done for years the cover gives you hints) on the way she meets a guy he is dorky and adorable but slightly closed off from something maybe him self he is famous who knows ;). 

Boy as can see my main genra is contemp and I love them but I’ll see if I have some more fantasy’s to help. 

7.lying out loud by kody keplinger

This book is its own book but it companions the duff which 2015 the duff was my fav read for contemp so when read this oh my stars i loved it as well and she makes this town amazing and so worth it if you loved the duff. But the duff in my oppion is better.

8.what light by jay Asher

Another book going into had no idea who the author was but loved the cover and was a Christmas contemp. Yup I was reading a Christmas book in June we were on a heat wave of 95 so I bought some rafts and we have a lake by my house so read the whole book in middle of the lake. Yes I did endanger the book but no books got destroyed in the filming of this X). A cute story with a person who has a bad reputation and no one gives the guy a chance except this girl who owns a tree farm well you get idea and learn the true him caring and All, only thing didnt like was the ending. 

Should do 10 but rest were I didn’t love them fully but I enjoyed them so I’ll give some shout outs. 

Ivory and bone by Julie Eshbaugh 

I’m not big all the time on historical fiction but this book goes way back to almost cave man days but shows besides fights how tribes try to co exist with each other and get romances brewing. But maybe one tribe isn’t who think it is. Plus can say Julie is so nice met her couple of times and for bookit con I bought VIP so can choose who want to eat with and I sat with Julie and we talked for hours. So I’m looking for book 2.

Swimming alone by Nina Mansfield

This book was a short read that my friend sent me since was part of her small small indie house in Midwest and can say this book ws enjoyable for the summer time, people keep dieing from a beach goer murder can these cases be solved by none other beach goer stuck on an island with her aunt.  Fast fast read my shortest book but it has a twist that got me. 

Mercy of the sky: the story of the tornado

This book is half fictional half legit of people that happened to people of Tuscaloosa as the tornado ripped thru town with the days leading up to it, during and after affects. Using first hand encounters, the subjects in the story  from text messages to there facebook And Twitter posts/ phone calls. Plus more in details  of the outbreak and what goes on with James Spanns assistant and James spann himself the very famous very amazing meterlogist from abc 33/40 of Birmingham Alabama. Besides a ya reader I’m a huge weather nut. Espcially tornado’s, snowstorms, hail and lighting. Sooo trust me please read this even though a tad sad. 

Last few just mentioning that’s it I enjoyed and last of my mentions worth a read

Flawed by Cecelia ahern

The season

Succumbus Blues by Richelle mead

Loved the book and must read rest of series given she is my fav author.

Chapaine baby: from Paris to New York

Learn a lot basics of wine and adventure of one person. 

Wolf by wolf which was good but bookn2 oh dear lord that can be a huge book hangover book. 

The assistants.

That’s it’s for my first half of 2016 of fav reads if want to see rest from the list can add me on good reads my account is justintime2989 hope you enjoyed this or helps maybe make a book decision.  ~~~~~JUSTIN 

Forever For A Year- B.T. Gottfred

“And Carolina looked at me. And I looked at her. And our eyes locked for more than a moment. I almost thought, they locked forever, But that would be just fake-romantic crap I hate, so I didn’t think it.”

I have never had a kind of love and really hate relationship with two characters before. Started off with pure hate and annoyance and then it turned into I might like like you and then pure hate came and burned down an entire village. I thought about it and it’s the perfect explanation of a teen romance. You can’t get more real than this.

We all have been there, the beginning of Freshman year. It’s exciting and terrifying. 

You’re nervous, awkward and young lust is in the air. 

Carolina and her best friend Peggy make it their rule that High School will be the year that popularity blooms for them. With the help of Peggys sister, they are learning the ropes on how to conquer this year and have Senior boys groveling at their feet.

First day and Carolina meets the new boy Trevor. She slides him two pieces of paper and a pencil and that’s the end of that chatper.

Instant love, they can’t stop thinking about each other, but their friends warn each of them about the other. Off limits and stay away.

Peggy goes off and does her own thing changing for the worse as time goes on, breaking a friendship with the girl she thought she would be friends with for life.

Carolina and Trevor become that it couple that you see and gag, but you’re so happy for them…. *add petty comment*

With double family drama, losing it to each other and love head over the moon, you kind of make the obnoxious face.

What they slowly learn is that forever isn’t always the answer.

It took me way too long to actually start liking Carolina, she was annoying and extremely immature. 

Trevor was not your typical boy at first and then the brickwall came and turned him into a real live horndog. Fun times!

If you were disappointed by this, read The Nerdy and They Dirty. His writing got a lot better and made you feel a personal connection to his lead characters.

You live, learn and grow. This author sure did. 


Born A Crime- Trevor Noah

Thanks to my Secret Santa for the book and to Kelly for these fabulous book lights!

“Revenge is truly sweet. It takes you to a dark place, but, man, it satisfies a thirst.”

Trevor Noah is the genius who hosts the new Daily Show. He’s blunt, doesn’t give a shit, but will listen to what you have to say before destroying with his beautiful words. 

Trevor was born a crime. His dad was white and his mom was black, being born during Apartheid he ran the risk of being treated different. His mum just wanted to have a kid and just wanted the sperm donor. His dad took a lot of convincing and nine months after agreeing, out came Trevor. 

From a young age he found out he could get away with a lot since he looked white. Raising hell and creating fire. His two favorite hobbies. 

Growing up in a community with barely any money, you had to make your own luck. That’s where Trevor came in and made his own living. Selling homemade CDs and reselling anything he could get his hands on.

Making it on his own and dealing with an abusive step-dad was anything but ordinary. Nothing out the fear in him more than Abel. His Mum sold her life for him and he repays her in the most horrific way.

These stories you can feel are close to Trevors heart. He lets it spew and doesn’t look back. I’m hoping that continues to write. He just has led a very interesting life, that pulls you in and could be made into a movie. 

Maybe he’ll write a book about putting ignorant viewers in their place. Whatever he decides, it will probably be legendary.


Baby Doll- Hollie Overton

“Good people make bad decisions. It happens all the time. They don’t make you a sociopath; they make you human.”
Received at BEA Chicago 2016!!
This makes men seem extremely revolting. Who can you trust now? People are never what they seem and that is terrifying. So, I’ll just be a hermit for the rest of my life. Thanks!
Eight years ago, Lily was in high school enjoying life and torturing her twin sister Abby. Abby accusing Lily of misplacing her sweater leaves her at the school to find her own ride home. Lily accepting a ride from a highly respected person in the community changes her life forever. Instead of taking her home, he passes that to a tiny cabin in the woods right off the highway. She becomes his puppet, whatever he wants her to be. The perfect little family in his sick mind. Impregnating her and making this even more welcoming and locking her in the basement of this shack.
Search parties search day and night trying to find Lily with no success. After awhile they must give up and move on. Except Abby. Her twin Lily she knows is still out there and not dead.
Captor makes one foolish mistake and Lily and her daughter Sky are on the run of their lives to freedom. Not realizing how close to home she really was, she runs straight towards her home and finds the comforts of her mom to save her.
This is the story of Lily picking up the pieces of her life with her family, moving on and getting what she deserves. Even if blood has to be shed.
I can’t believe that people are this ruthless. Who does a thing like this? My gut was sick and twisting up with every page filled with worry. The sad truth is that this happens more than we want to know and those details are a lot more gruesome than anything we could even imagine. And that end!! who the hell seen that coming?
The vileness that is the captor makes your head spin and you wish for a horrible death for him.
Highly enjoyable and twisted read. Might make you hate men for awhile.
Prepare yourself for the hate to flow!


Lola and the boy next door by Stephanie PerkinsĀ 

So as the book sayes what would you do your blooming with hormones and someone is moving in and ends up being sorta crush or was your crush that’s what this is about, but don’t get your knickers in a twist Lola the mc in this book has a boyfriend already so she can’t just jumping the “Bone” of jimminey the cricket, really his name is cricket but I had to say it like that.  But going into this book was looking forward to reading this since I liked Anna and the French kiss and I know Stephanie Perkins is a big deal to YA contemp readers but Atleast it did not go so well reasons being I felt this book the relationships Lola had did not flow well at all and at the start of the book *SPOILER ALERT* he is down right creepy and stalkerish so that turned me off instantly and was hoping I could overcome that which a did a bit but just wasn’t the same as with Anna and French kiss which Anna and st Clair are so cheesy that it’s cute. So it’s 2ndish book in the series each can read by themselves but I will continue into isla book.  For a change I can thank Stacy for a book she gave me Anna and the French kiss :). But yea so wasn’t to liked to me so 3/5 stars ~~~~~—– JUSTIN

Shockaholic- Carrie Fisher

What you’ll have of me after I journey to the great Death Star in the sky is an extremely accomplished daughter, a few books, and a picture of a stern-looking girl wearing some kind of metal bikini lounging on a giant drooling squid, behind a newscaster informing you of the passing of Princess Leia after a long battle with her head.
Talk about cuckoo, messed in the head, woohoo, wacko…. this is the life lead by Carrie Fisher.
This will take you here, there, up, down and everywhere all at once and it all comes out from the far beyond.
Carrie Fishers life has never been normal. Her parents were famous, her step-mom was Liz “fucking” Taylor for a few seconds and she was always surrounded by the rich, the famous and the downright disgusting.
Having monkies in her brain lead her to electroshock therapy, so her memory is a wee bit foggy. Especially when it comes to the most juiciest of stories. Just when a story is getting somewhere and some major plot twist to the world will be revealed, she forgets what happened or switches to something completely off the wall different to make you forget.
She is one tough hilarious cackling nut. This book had my one eyebrow raised constantly and with a stupid little smirking laugh escaping me.
This was my first experience with a Fisher book and it will not be my last.
If you need a good pick-me-up then this is your only hope!!!