Blood Of Wonderland- Colleen Oakes

“Her life was like nightfire- a place that once burned with bright hope, now nothing more than a flickering blackness, her suffering invisible to the naked eye.”

With the cover, I wasn’t sure if we were reading about Wonderland or about to fight dragons in a Game Of Thrones novel.
In life, there are a few rules we live by.
1. Don’t be a dick
2.Live your own life
3. Don’t fuck with a classic.
This broke rule three and you should see the look of disgust on my face.
Dinah is running for her life. The first book left you off on one hell of a cliffhanger. She was framed and she is fighting for her life. Hurting the one she loves and stealing Morte, now she is hurtling through the Twisted Woods.
The King is not that far behind and he wants her gone for her betrayal.
Dinah will not give up easily. What gets her through this fighting and fleeing is Wardley. She will finally win his heart and she will rule with him beside her.
This is one of the slowest books to actually pick up and when it does, it was still a meh and that’s it?
I wanted the two big twists to actually knock me off my heels and I wasn’t. It was different, but nothing that I would brag about.
When it comes to Wonderland, you have to wow me and I wasn’t even a little impressed with this one. The first one came out of nowhere and shocked me. This one… well, not so much. I will finish the series because I want to know how evil Dinah will become.
Protect your necks everyone!!

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