Where Did You Sleep Last Night- Lynn Crosbie

“You’re like a firefly in a jar, I say holding her cold hand. She squeezes mine and I fall asleep with my head bent to hers: when we meet in dreams, she runs to me, bares her breast, and peels back the skin to show me her small frantic heart.”

Received at BEA Chicago.

This was one of the best books I have received that weekend. 

All through this book, I felt that I was locked in a room, blindfolded, one arm tied behind my back and asked to put a puzzle together. All while taking the biggest trip of my life down acid mountain.

Evelyn Gray is an unhappy sixteen-year-old girl over the moon obsessed with Kurt Cobain. She lives and breathes him all in. From night to night, she talks to her Cobain poster and imagines that he responds and comforts her when she so desperately needs it. 

Can’t take it anymore, she decides to OD and she is rushed to save her life.

Upon coming to, she spots someone that moves her soul. Talks to her deep inner thoughts and she is overcome. 

He is the reincarnation of her main love, Kurt. Deciding that this place was killing them both. They escape and live the life of legends. 

The way that Love and Cobain live, these two to the same and in Courtney Love style. 

Music, drugs, and petty jealousy overtakes these two, but love is stronger than all of that and marriage is brought into this mix of craziness. 

My words can’t explain the messed up situations that have occurred in this book. I could try, but you would never believe me. Well, if you don’t then I got two words for you…. Who cares!

There was so much of everything going on, that you slowly feel that you shot that needle into your arm and made-up your own special language.

Anyone who loves feeling overcome with the color of music, the flow of the drugs pulsing through your system and all things fanfic, then this is right there guiding you along the way to your first taste.

I might be crazy, or I might be even crazier, but who wouldn’t want to get a message like this….

“Every morning there was a romantic text, like “I want to sleep with your hair in my mouth forever.”


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There is nothing better than a great cup of coffee and an even better book.

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