Beast- Brie Spangler

“I’d see a big old globby grin on my face because talking to her is like sunshine in February, and in Portland that is no small thing.”

A very unique and current take on a love story. Do I hint an up-to-date Beauty and the Beast feel? 

Transphobia is alive and shameful in the world we live in. What we have to remember is that we are all equal and must love one another to help the world grow with the times. Being a Trans individual shouldn’t come with a target upon someones back and shouldn’t make anyone feel shame. Be proud, be happy and show your true colors. 

Dylan is known as the Beast. He’s tall, huge and can throw you through a brickwall just by flicking you. His best friend JP is always by his side to have him do his dirty work. 

Not feeling quite himself, he climbs to the roof and “falls” off.

Waking up in a hospital, sends his life into overdrive. He must face the music and go to a self help group.

His first day, he meets the most gorgeous girl he has ever had the pleasure to look at. Jamie is who makes his palms sweat and heart race. She reveals a big secret in group and Dylan doesn’t pay attention and says it’s cool.

This leads to the romance of a lifetime. Can they both look past each others differences and be together?

JP finds out about Jamie and tells the entire school. Dylan learns that Jamie is transgender and he walks away from her. 

Looking for a sign from his dad that passed, he gets nothing and leaves the greatest love of his life due to no sign and bullying.

Will Dylan ever pull his head out of his ass and seek who he truly desires? Will JP ever grow up and let sleeping lions be? Will tranagendered individuals ever get the acceptance they deserve?

The love Dylan and Jamie share is one people wish they have. I’m ready to read a new chapter in the life of Jamie and Dylan.

The bullying that takes part in this is heartbreaking. Just because someone is different, doesn’t mean that you can ridicule them and make them feel small. We are all human and can do what we feel is correct and if you aren’t happy with that then look at yourself and fix what makes you insecure.


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