Geekerella by Ashley posten


Publishing house: Quirkbooks 

Published date: good reads has 2 dates so I’ll post both March 7th & April 4th

This book as can figure out is another story a more modern touch to again story line of Cinderella so 2 evil step sisters and the evil evil step momster as called in the book. The theme of this surrounded by a convention to a tv show that had a cult like following and being made into a movie. The hot shot guy Darren is supposed play the part. And go to a convention which he is freaking try to back out since he has a history with the convention with a person.  so he tries to call the convention director to get called out. Doesn’t work since sayes wrong number but from it Darren gets talking with a random stranger and it’s nice for him since he is living the celebrity life and about to play the biggest role of this captain from the tv show. 

This book from the start to end was amazing giving I love the story lines for Cinderella and this does not fail with that story line. Plus I like most Cinderella books you have the guys pov which would be Darren so see what’s going thru the minds of Ella and Darren.  Another thing I enjoyed this book has more than a ending you have to read to see what I mean. Plus this book deals with a convention and feels so cool since Iv started going to conventions simular to this and I met the author at New York City comic con and met Ashley so this book feels even more for me.

So if looking for a cute Cinderella retelling this is it. And didn’t have any thing didn’t like minus one part with step mother at end but can’t say since would be to spoilery I feel like. 

5/5 stars~~~~ JUSTIN 

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