Return Of The Continuums- Jennifer Brody

“Liking… Made you weak. Missing… Made you weak. They made you die.”

Received an arc from Turner Publishing for an honest review.

This picks up right from where the last one ends. No sugar coating and not pulling any punches. It jumps right to the destruction of the Continuums. Doom was quite the evil mistress and ruined life as we knew it.

After Doom was detonated, Myra and her friends lead out to find the First Continuum. With her Beacon leading the way, she has a dream of Aero helping her find her way back. 

This leads them on quite the journey, through the roughest rains and the toughest deserts. They must find their way if they want to survive. Losing almost all of their supplies, they believe all hope is lost. 

That is until Seeker finds them and leads them to an underground world of a lost Continuum. 

They finally realize that Seeker leads them astray and they must fight for their lives. 

The Stong Ones will have the biggest feast they have ever seen with the help of these new found humans.

Aero must find them before it is too late.

This was one hell of a punch. I didn’t think she could outdo herself with the first one and she shocked me with this second one. I felt like I was in the ring with her and she beat to be a bloody pulp. 

There was so much character growth and you actually feel what they are feeling. Between love, terror and hopelessness. You feel it all. 

The way that she describes your surroundings, you feel like you are there and you can visualize being through this Labyrinth of the land. It made it that more intense. 

And let us not forget those big twists at the end! You can’t just leave us hanging like that?

Now we all must wait patiently for the end of the world…..


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