The Infinity Year Of Avalon James- Dana Middleton

“We were eleven. We were all out of magic powers but we would be best friends forever and that was good enough for me.”

Never thought in a million years that a middle-grade book would have me feeling so many warm, fuzzy happy thoughts. What is happening to me? Is my black heart growing redder and three times its normal size like the Grinch? 

Pfft! Probably not. 

Avalon and Atticus have been friends for a very long time. They have done everything together. Being ten is a huge deal. That’s when they will receive their infinity powers. Either for the entire year or once when it will come in hand the most. They are patiently waiting and praying it happens soon…

At the beginning of school they believe that things will be the same. That is when they find out they will be seperated into different classes.

And oh no! Avalon is stuck with the three meanest bullies. 

Avalon can’t help herself and get those bullies back bigger and better. Which only makes her life worse. She seems to be the butt of all their jokes. 

Atticus tries to get her to cool it and no girl ever knows what that means. 

Being seperated, they start making different friends and Avalon tells her new friend a huge secret about Atticus that blows around the entire school.

Secrets can make or break friendships. And this seems to do the latter.

Will Infinity powers help repair a friendship? Can Atticus ever forgive his best friend? 

I tore through this book in a few hours. It caught my attention from the get go and I couldn’t put it down. 

The story of two bestfriends will always uplift your mood, no matter how old you get. 

Now go forth and fetch me my milk!!


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