The Bitch Posse- Martha O’Connor

“We the Bitch Posse girls,
do solemnly swear
to be undyingly faithful to each other,
and to put no friends or lovers before one another,
as long as the star are fixed in the heavens
and the fish sparkle on the sea.”

When I have first seen this title, I believed that they have written a book about my friends and I. Just call me Princess Bitch Face!!
I’ve read a lot of reviews on this and I wasn’t sure if I should read it. These people were ruthless when it came to this title. I’m glad I stuck with my gut feeling and devoured this like a birthday cake. It was fantastic and lets the power of friendship overtake you… no matter the costs.
Three girls, one high school in a small town in Illinois. Amy, Reenie (Wren) and Cherry are best friends, they break the rules together, help each other get into trouble and created one of the best posses in the history of posses.
No matter what comes their way, these girls will stick together. Hell or high water.
Each chapter brings either the now or the past and a different girls perspective. 1988 or 2003. No matter the year, these girls are as ruthless as ever.
Drinking, drugs and all the unadulterated sex there is to offer while keeping every detail in a book for their posse.
One is a teacher, one is married and expecting and the other is in a mental hospital. But which one fits where?
Have you ever felt alone in this world? Down and out? That no one will ever understand you? Make you feel worthless and weak? Let someone take advantage of you at your worst point? Read this and then fill me in on what you’re are feeling. You’ll feel invigorated and loved.
You think friendships come and go, but they never die. It’s one of the strongest bonds anyone could ever ask for. Those friends will even go to the length of killing for you. Loyalty! We all crave it.
I mean snorting coke is one thing, that’s even glamorous in a sick, Less Than Zero sort of way. But shooting up? That’s what junkies do.


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