Shockaholic- Carrie Fisher

What you’ll have of me after I journey to the great Death Star in the sky is an extremely accomplished daughter, a few books, and a picture of a stern-looking girl wearing some kind of metal bikini lounging on a giant drooling squid, behind a newscaster informing you of the passing of Princess Leia after a long battle with her head.
Talk about cuckoo, messed in the head, woohoo, wacko…. this is the life lead by Carrie Fisher.
This will take you here, there, up, down and everywhere all at once and it all comes out from the far beyond.
Carrie Fishers life has never been normal. Her parents were famous, her step-mom was Liz “fucking” Taylor for a few seconds and she was always surrounded by the rich, the famous and the downright disgusting.
Having monkies in her brain lead her to electroshock therapy, so her memory is a wee bit foggy. Especially when it comes to the most juiciest of stories. Just when a story is getting somewhere and some major plot twist to the world will be revealed, she forgets what happened or switches to something completely off the wall different to make you forget.
She is one tough hilarious cackling nut. This book had my one eyebrow raised constantly and with a stupid little smirking laugh escaping me.
This was my first experience with a Fisher book and it will not be my last.
If you need a good pick-me-up then this is your only hope!!!

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There is nothing better than a great cup of coffee and an even better book.

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