The Nerdy and The Dirty- B.T. Gottfred

“I guess this makes me a homicidal maniac. Love’s great. I’m kidding. It sucks.”
One of the sauciest and most explicit YA books I have ever had my hands on. It reminds me of that winter at the warming hut… Hmmm (touches chin)…..
Benedict is tall, rich, handsome and kind of a huge nerd. Speaks the truth and doesn’t hold anything back. Even if it hurts peoples feelings. His dad being a famous author and tell him what to do and think, Benedict thinks his life is perfect. Having that one best friend, Robert and living his life through his dads book. But, maybe it’s time for a change. Get a girlfriend and become a different man.
Penelope is dating a popular guy, dresses in dark clothes, dyes her hair the blackest of blacks, and is very Catholic. Pen wants to be different, wants to speak her mind and not get judged for it by her so-called friends.When they claim love, she doesn’t feel it and that’s what she wants. She also has a tiny dilemma, can we all say chronic masturbator? That’s right! With her mom quaking in her boots, clutching the Bible and calling her a blasphemer, someone does the dirty alone. It’s time for a change.
with both families in turmoil, they both decide to go to a resort. Not together and it shocks Pen and Ben to their core.
Benedict and Robert are supposed to be helping each other find girls. Just so happens that the girl Robert wants is at this resort with Benedict and things go from Oh No! to Oh yes! at the drop of a snowsuit.
Will true love come up for air?
This is one hell of a racy book. Whew! what the hell!? It wasn’t grotesque to where you felt disgusted. You were cheering them on in your mind to get that and live the life they so truly deserve.
I laughed, I cheered and I embraced the characters. You fall in love with them instantly and cringe along with them every step of the way.
Sad that I didn’t pick this up at Ala, but glad I got my hands on this one. Disappointment is not here, so go away!!


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