Baby Doll- Hollie Overton

“Good people make bad decisions. It happens all the time. They don’t make you a sociopath; they make you human.”
Received at BEA Chicago 2016!!
This makes men seem extremely revolting. Who can you trust now? People are never what they seem and that is terrifying. So, I’ll just be a hermit for the rest of my life. Thanks!
Eight years ago, Lily was in high school enjoying life and torturing her twin sister Abby. Abby accusing Lily of misplacing her sweater leaves her at the school to find her own ride home. Lily accepting a ride from a highly respected person in the community changes her life forever. Instead of taking her home, he passes that to a tiny cabin in the woods right off the highway. She becomes his puppet, whatever he wants her to be. The perfect little family in his sick mind. Impregnating her and making this even more welcoming and locking her in the basement of this shack.
Search parties search day and night trying to find Lily with no success. After awhile they must give up and move on. Except Abby. Her twin Lily she knows is still out there and not dead.
Captor makes one foolish mistake and Lily and her daughter Sky are on the run of their lives to freedom. Not realizing how close to home she really was, she runs straight towards her home and finds the comforts of her mom to save her.
This is the story of Lily picking up the pieces of her life with her family, moving on and getting what she deserves. Even if blood has to be shed.
I can’t believe that people are this ruthless. Who does a thing like this? My gut was sick and twisting up with every page filled with worry. The sad truth is that this happens more than we want to know and those details are a lot more gruesome than anything we could even imagine. And that end!! who the hell seen that coming?
The vileness that is the captor makes your head spin and you wish for a horrible death for him.
Highly enjoyable and twisted read. Might make you hate men for awhile.
Prepare yourself for the hate to flow!


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