Lola and the boy next door by Stephanie Perkins 

So as the book sayes what would you do your blooming with hormones and someone is moving in and ends up being sorta crush or was your crush that’s what this is about, but don’t get your knickers in a twist Lola the mc in this book has a boyfriend already so she can’t just jumping the “Bone” of jimminey the cricket, really his name is cricket but I had to say it like that.  But going into this book was looking forward to reading this since I liked Anna and the French kiss and I know Stephanie Perkins is a big deal to YA contemp readers but Atleast it did not go so well reasons being I felt this book the relationships Lola had did not flow well at all and at the start of the book *SPOILER ALERT* he is down right creepy and stalkerish so that turned me off instantly and was hoping I could overcome that which a did a bit but just wasn’t the same as with Anna and French kiss which Anna and st Clair are so cheesy that it’s cute. So it’s 2ndish book in the series each can read by themselves but I will continue into isla book.  For a change I can thank Stacy for a book she gave me Anna and the French kiss :). But yea so wasn’t to liked to me so 3/5 stars ~~~~~—– JUSTIN

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