Born A Crime- Trevor Noah

Thanks to my Secret Santa for the book and to Kelly for these fabulous book lights!

“Revenge is truly sweet. It takes you to a dark place, but, man, it satisfies a thirst.”

Trevor Noah is the genius who hosts the new Daily Show. He’s blunt, doesn’t give a shit, but will listen to what you have to say before destroying with his beautiful words. 

Trevor was born a crime. His dad was white and his mom was black, being born during Apartheid he ran the risk of being treated different. His mum just wanted to have a kid and just wanted the sperm donor. His dad took a lot of convincing and nine months after agreeing, out came Trevor. 

From a young age he found out he could get away with a lot since he looked white. Raising hell and creating fire. His two favorite hobbies. 

Growing up in a community with barely any money, you had to make your own luck. That’s where Trevor came in and made his own living. Selling homemade CDs and reselling anything he could get his hands on.

Making it on his own and dealing with an abusive step-dad was anything but ordinary. Nothing out the fear in him more than Abel. His Mum sold her life for him and he repays her in the most horrific way.

These stories you can feel are close to Trevors heart. He lets it spew and doesn’t look back. I’m hoping that continues to write. He just has led a very interesting life, that pulls you in and could be made into a movie. 

Maybe he’ll write a book about putting ignorant viewers in their place. Whatever he decides, it will probably be legendary.


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