Forever For A Year- B.T. Gottfred

“And Carolina looked at me. And I looked at her. And our eyes locked for more than a moment. I almost thought, they locked forever, But that would be just fake-romantic crap I hate, so I didn’t think it.”

I have never had a kind of love and really hate relationship with two characters before. Started off with pure hate and annoyance and then it turned into I might like like you and then pure hate came and burned down an entire village. I thought about it and it’s the perfect explanation of a teen romance. You can’t get more real than this.

We all have been there, the beginning of Freshman year. It’s exciting and terrifying. 

You’re nervous, awkward and young lust is in the air. 

Carolina and her best friend Peggy make it their rule that High School will be the year that popularity blooms for them. With the help of Peggys sister, they are learning the ropes on how to conquer this year and have Senior boys groveling at their feet.

First day and Carolina meets the new boy Trevor. She slides him two pieces of paper and a pencil and that’s the end of that chatper.

Instant love, they can’t stop thinking about each other, but their friends warn each of them about the other. Off limits and stay away.

Peggy goes off and does her own thing changing for the worse as time goes on, breaking a friendship with the girl she thought she would be friends with for life.

Carolina and Trevor become that it couple that you see and gag, but you’re so happy for them…. *add petty comment*

With double family drama, losing it to each other and love head over the moon, you kind of make the obnoxious face.

What they slowly learn is that forever isn’t always the answer.

It took me way too long to actually start liking Carolina, she was annoying and extremely immature. 

Trevor was not your typical boy at first and then the brickwall came and turned him into a real live horndog. Fun times!

If you were disappointed by this, read The Nerdy and They Dirty. His writing got a lot better and made you feel a personal connection to his lead characters.

You live, learn and grow. This author sure did. 


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