Universal Harvester- John Darnielle

It’s so easy to be pulled in and hooked by this book just by looking at the spectacular cover and reading the even weirder synopsis. Leads you to a discomfort in your life that needs answers. 

Being an avid collector of vhs tapes from times past, you always wonder if someone taped over what you actually bought or who else thought similar thoughts while taking your treasures up to the counter.

The cover stands high and mighty on its own. The swirls of the colors and the images are enticing and beautiful. It makes you want to hold it in your hands. 

Small town Nevada, Iowa sits a tiny little video store. Inside is shelfs of vhs tapes that might never be checked out. Sitting at the counter is Jeremy. 

As a teen, he lost his mom in a car accident and he lived his years with his dad. They don’t ever talk about it and just live life with one another.

On a day like any other, someone complained about something being off about the vhs tape. As more and more days come and go, more people are saying the same things.

Some of the tapes split into something sinister, something that makes his blood run cold and fills his life with sleep draining dread. Then all goes back to normal. 

Lisa Sample is a single woman who tragically lost her mother when she was very young. One day she woke up and she was gone. Mom was lost in the clutches of a religious cult. She started spending more and more time at church and started eating less, Mom was obsessed with this leader. Lisa needs answers and tries to find them. 

Jeremy and Sarah are on the hunt for clues and answers to their soul churning questions. 

This was one strange and bizarre book. After reading some of those scenes about the spliced tapes, you feel that you have something crawling on your skin that you can’t get off. The bizarreness and the unknown make you feel instant discomfort. 

I kind of got the feeling that he wants you to remember the goodness of your family. To capture every moment and never forget. 

With new technology it gets even harder to view a past we all sorely forget.

I would of liked this alittle more if I fully grasped what I was reading and understood what was being thrown my way. 

It’s a book I would reread without distractions from all around. Good read for a cold wintry day.

Received a finished copy of the book from the publisher!! Thanks so much!!! ♡♡


Operation prom date by cindi madsen 

Title: Operation prom date

Author: condi madsen 

Publishing house: entangled publishing

Publishing date: March 13th

Gotta say I absolutely loved this book!!! I think one of the most fluffiest books I have ever read and Iv read a good amount of contemporary’s. But starts off Kate is a lonely no body that talks to her pet dragon as a friend named after a guy from a tv  show. Till one day she is outside watching the football players practice and is staring at the most popular all star quarterback  Mack. And all she has over wanted to do is date him. Other pov character is Cooper thru by chance over the years on summer vacation has been aquinted with Kate, and notices her staring, and walks over to chat and get talking of Mack.  so work out a deal since his rowing partner is injured needs practices in exchange he will help her land her boy crush Mack and want to go to prom with her. 

So some things I loved about this book is it’s sooo fluffy cute like all the quirky odd ball things Kate is in to Cooper doesn’t judge and will tolerate it and joke around and learning of relationships of characters of tv shows while Kate helps Cooper slowly organize things in his life and how to take a chill pill. The things I sometimes I’ll never understand is why does one person have to change who they are to date another person or to even get a chance and it does happen in today’s day and age. Another I said above is the pop culture references that at times mares things laugh like my own is extremely olicity from arrow which is the ship of felicity and Oliver McQueen. So hope this review helps and feel this no matter what will be extremely top book/ contempory for the year. Lasts years book was tell me three things read in April ended the year near the top. 

100/5 ~~~~~~ JUSTIN 

Blood Rose Rebellion- Rosalyn Eves

“All my life I believed being Barren was the worst curse one could wish on a Luminate. But I was wrong. There was something worse. C*****a.”

Received an arc copy of this from First In Line by RandomHouse Teens. Thanks!!!

I wasn’t expecting anything going into this book. A lot people compared it to Red Queen and we all know how I really feel about that book. Not being a fan of that other title, I  feared as to what was to come. I’m glad I didn’t listen to anyone before digging in.
From the beginning to the very last page I was blown away by the love, the magic and the deceit. Don’t forget about the rich Hungarian history and folklore. All trappings for a magical beauty of a book. 
Anna always believed that she would be high Luminate royalty like her family. Sitting at the top after her coronation when her powers are fully formed. But that day never comes, she’s powerless and believed to be a Barron. Her family doesn’t want her to attend any of the higher up family get togethers due to this. 

On the day of her sisters coronation, she does something she never thought she could do and all by accident. She broke the spell her sister was performing all because of jealousy over a man that was playing games. 

After this outburst, her Grandmother offers to take her out of England to Hungary. With a heavy heart she accepts and is in her way.

In Hungary, she meets a wide cast of magical characters and learns the truth of magic. Seems she has been deceived her entire life. Her friends set forth on a revolutionary overtaking. In the midst of all this, she has fallen in love with a Romani. Someone who can’t love her due to country restrictions. 

In order to help everyone have equal rights, Anna must learn to feel the power inside of her and break the binding curse that seperates the higherups to the lower class. Bringing them together as one.

There is a lot more to the story than what I have put here in my review. I’m not ruining the spectacular details of how all of this story plays out and how she got to be the lead in a magical tale.

Some characters come off as uptight and boorish. Anna seems to be smitten with a lot of people and you find yourself drowning in it. The details of some key major parts were overwhelming and too hard to remember all of it, along with all of the names. It makes for a very confusing tale, especially when Anna kisses certian men. Those are all the things that stopped this from being rated higher. 

I still liked this one a lot better than the boring Red Queen.

Long Live the Revolution!! 


The Football Girl by Thatcher Heldring 

Author: Thatcher Heldring

Publishing house:Delacorte press

Publishing date: April 4th, 2017

Pages: 208

Have you ever played a game of football And going out deep the game is tied or your just barely losing and going for that final play and ball is tossed deep and see it it coming threw your head thinking I make this I’m famous as all get out.  Well what happens if you fumble it and you lose that’s where this leaves off Tessa who has been playing with the boys in a league of flag football she is sooo mad that she lost. You would think she wouldn’t be to hard on herself but as a girl it was her last chance since upcoming school year she will be a freshman and girls don’t play football or do they?  One thing is for sure is she is on the list to be topped ranked for cross country with her best friends but is that the route she wants to even take? All these going thru head while on top of that she had feelings for Caleb who was on her  flag team. Going into the summer programs though she has to decide which sport and if does football can she handle the critical of her playing the guys and just the stero types that are laid down all because she is a girl. 

Caleb on other hand has his decision decided he wants to play football and can be next big player as freshman to make varsity as qb. Can he handle dating a girl who wants to be a football player and handle the adversity. 

Overall I enjoyed this book a lot I don’t do middle grade much but helped me with feeling   I was reading to much fantasy. This book had all the things you expected with a girl trying for football the down right disapproval of all and how just gender can change things and loved didn’t feel over excessive or just not plausible. So then has you wondering if she can make the team & keep Caleb interested. If want to know more you’ll have to read it. 5/5 stars quick easy read. ~~~~~ JUSTIN 

Freeks- Amanda Hocking

“They never, never wake again, who sleep upon your bed.”

I am so glad that I talked my husband into letting my buy this. Who doesn’t love a supernatural story at a carnival!? With all the whimsical games, human freaks and enough eighties references to make your life enriched. And a Corey Hart reference! A girl truly after my dark heart. *swoon*

Mara and her mom are apart of a traveling circus. Going from town to town, she doesn’t have time for the usual everyday teen drama. 

The carnival is broke and matters only seem to be getting worse. Until an unexpected offer leads them to a tiny town with promises of money that could change their lives. 

Upon getting into town, things are off. People feel the darkness that creeps in around them. But they decide to make the best of it, while ignoring the weight of doom.

Mara goes wondering through the town and spots him. A gorgeous guy that meets her eye and holds it. She’s suddenly drawn to him like he is to her. Love at first sight. The carnival can wait as she falls into the claws of a man with secrets. She also has a few of her own.

The carnival becomes a huge success, but at dire costs. Things are lurking in the night. Deadly things that are on the hunt for flesh and power.

As things go from successful to frightening in the matter hours. They decide to stick it out to collect the life changing money. 

As performers are being picked off left and right, they must decide what’s right for them in the long run. All while Mara is falling madly in love with Gabe. 

That darker deadly presence will haunt their lives and dreams until there is no one left.

I love this book. Creepy carnivals and weird love are near and dear to my heart. 

What really stopped this from being five stars was a part near the end. This fight sequence of saving performers lives and how it ends. There was something just too far fetched for me and the abrupt end to it all. The story in between that was mesmerizing. 

My favorite book of the year so far!!


Unspoken by C.C. Hunter 

This book ahh feels so good to be back in the world of shadow falls. C.C. Has a masterful world I just love it.  This book starts off where last book began with Della by accident while searching a old case thanks to a ghost coming to haunt her by accidents reopens a cold case of her dad and he is arrested for the murder. So it’s a race against time can they all the people at shadow falls to solve if her father murdered someone or not. And also the love circle that is going on is it Steve or chase for Della. While Steve back from Paris is the safe bet, then there is chase who just keeps running away and is elusive but always at eight times there for Della. Normally I do t like at much love circles but cc does outstanding job with them. Given born at midnight series had you taking a side. My ship sadly didn’t work and one of few times I was wrong. Other was Harry Potter I was mistaken. But if you have not read shadow falls please do born at midnight is the first book and follows Kylie who is forced to go to special school since she is “deemed” not fully safe hard explain but trust me 100/5 stars ~~~~JUSTIN 

Best books of 2016 part 2 months 7-12

Sorry Iv been Mia Iv been reading books at a slower pace due to less time to read so bear with me and this weeks late but now part 2 of my fav 2016 reads with a few honorable mentions. 

1. The continent by Keira drake 

This book was wow as said going in I didn’t know what to expect and was sooo amazing the couple was so good with right amount of chatting and action and worry to be up there for fav read.  

2.shadow run by Adrianne Strickland

This book is very spacey not something I like, but has battle of royality with a love that shouldn’t happen and with action scenes in between with betrayals. This book holy gosh sooo good and is out in a few more weeks :). 

3.the wish granter by cj redwine

This book going in thought maybe would be hard since hadn’t read the orginal fairy tale but man I was blown away and look foward to reading the shadow queen. I said that a few months back but I’m bad about that. 

4.blood for blood by Ryan graudin

Book 2 of wolf by wolf series and starts where last book left of in this retelling of WW2. One reason made it a fav is that ending oh man it’s bad so def give this series a read.

5.an ember in the ashes/ a torch against the night by Sabah Tahir

These books are the best mixed of fantasy aspect with dystopian. They were def a lot of people’s fav read for them for 2015/2016 so if haven’t started this you should.

6.holding up the universe by Jennifer Niven

This book I was unsure going in if I would lik this since was unsure if would bean other sad book by her or not but it’s a cute fluffy read and you learn about rare disorder in someone who can’t remember things, but yea ❤

7. Scythe by Neil shustermen

This book by itself is not as spooky as thing it would be but makes you think of life and I can say loved loved this book and what more would it be to be a scythe and “glean” people. Look foward to book 2 out of three in this series. 

8. The diabolic by s.j Kincaid 

This book going in was unsure since was near practically my first sci fi books but I loved it, starts out a tad confusing and maybe slow for some but it was so popular it’s getting a second book to the series so yay :). 

9.ordinary Magic by Caitlin bradway

This book is like Harry Potter big time minus instead the world being muggles and Magic hidden it’s the oppsite and everyone is magical but get like people are don’t and called ords or ordinary and there basically shunned in the world plus also kidnapped or eaten since ords can do things magic peeps can’t or the monsters enjoy ords since easy prey.

10.joyride by Anna banks

A very funny and adorable i felt contemp and all the stunts and jokes done in this book anna had done so extra funny I’m like you did what Anna?!? 

11. Geekerella Ashley poston

This book is extremely adorable retelling of Cinderella one of my fav retellings and a this story revolves fandoms of a movie. And also it involves a convention and I had received this book at a comic convention so found it even funnier/greater. Well worth the read

12. Rest are honerable mentions. 

Rebel in the sands 

The game that breaks us by micalea smeltzer 

Small book but did this in one sitting and involves hockey and romance what better than a book. 

Well that was my fav reads of 2016 I hope to read as much books as I did last year.