Slaughtertown Circus- K.M. Tepe

Yeah, when clowns throw up, they upchuck those weird snake things that people put in nut cans. How do they even get in there, man?

The war of Humans Vs. Clowns has been an ongoing battle for decades and it’s time for the Clowns to claim what belongs to them. The world might be a wee bit big, so we’ll start smaller. A small town named Laughtertown is the perfect place to make your dreams come alive.

Xander lives a very boring life. He wakes up, goes to work, comes home, and goes to sleep. A continuous life filled with dread. Not knowing that very soon his life will change forever. 

Going into work and getting fired, he decides drinks will save his day. Walking into a strange place called Doc’s, he meets Billy. The man that will save him from life. 

Hearing his sob story and inviting him to stay with him. Xander starts looking up in the world. 

To cheer Xander up, Billy takes him out for a night on the town and he introduces him to the world of fetish stripping. He loses his mind over this one girl dressed as a clown, the lovely Marbles. Just so happens that she knows Billy…. very intimately. 

For the first time in a very long time, Xander beds Marbles and it blows his mind. A little tidbit is that she gave him something. Worse than any kind of std. He starts slowly turning into a clown. His skin turns white, his eyes are brighter and his hair is bright orange. Let the freaking out and overtaking the world begin. 

Being a clown will change your life in a very fun way. You puke can snakes, you snot maple syrup, you number one fruit punch and number two sweet delicious cotton candy. Beware you you intake, it could make you speechless.

This is one messed up kind of story. It was weird, wacky, and even hilarious. It just wasn’t as ridiculous as I hoped. Still a fast, and great read to take to another dimension.

And wait…. Do you smell that?!?….Corn Dogs!!! 


Thank you, Sleeping Louie!!

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