Behind Her Eyes- Sarah Pinborough

“To trust the truth of a thing, you have to suffer the thing. You have to get mud on your hands and dirt under your fingernails. You have to dig for it.”
Received an arc copy from FlatIron books for an honest review!! Thanks!!
When I received this book in the mail, everyone was talking about the ending. And we all know me. Miss Detective on the hunt and even I was blown away by the Hitchcockian end to this bizarre story. No amount of guessing could lead you to this conclusion.
Moving to a new city can be uplifting and positive for a new start at life with your wife. Start a new job and be one with the community. And what does David do the first outing he has? That’s right, my friends! He snogs another woman. It just so happens that this woman is his secretary at work. With little hints of stares and smiles, they let this go for now.
The wife Adele is locked in the house with no phone and no credit card. Can he trust her? The marriage seems to be falling apart, but she is holding something over his head and he has to stay.
With bright days ahead, David feels he can trust Adele and gives her the necessities for life. A phone and access to the bank account.
While going for a walk, Louise bumps into Adele, knocking her down and starting a friendship with the woman whos husband she is shacking up with. They become really close friends really fast and this makes both their heads spin.
An affair blooms between David and Louise and do you guys see that? Little cupid has shot his love heart into David and Louise. Good things could only come from this and by good… I mean Drama.
As days pass and Louise gathers with Adele more and more, Louise feels the tension is Adeles marriage and knows something is off besides the cheating.
The friendship stays a secret and Adele even helps Louise with her sleeping problem. Things couldn’t be better for those two. Until you find out the devastating secrets and lies that have been planted. From whom you ask? Just close your eyes and tell me.
This is one book that will have you guessing and gasping for air until the very last page. There were a few chapters that just seemed to be very repetitive for me and that is what made the rating for this book drop. Besides that, it was a very intense read and I fully enjoyed reading it. It doesn’t seem to be one that I would reread due to the fact that the best part is the ending and I already know the secret. Ha!


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