X-Files: Agent Of Chaos- Kami Garcia

“When in dark of night I wake, show me the soul that I must take.”
Ever since I heard about this book, I needed to get my hands on this like how a junkie needs a fix. Holy hell!! What did I just read? I’m speechless at how divine this was.
You take something we all love and make a back story of a younger Mulder and how he started to believe. Because you really can’t trust anyone.
The book starts off with a bang and slowly sets up the pace for that mindblowing end that is to come.
Mulder is a 17-year-old high school student who is about to graduate, turn 18 and go to college just like his old man wants him to do. But we all know he has different plans in mind.
A few years ago, living with his very happy family and younger sister in Maryland, something devastating happens. Pow! The lights go out and when Mulder snaps out of it and the front door is open and his little sister is nowhere in sight. She was kidnapped, but by who? With no clues left behind and Mulder having his memory wiped clean. It’s a cold case from the start that rips apart his family and his mind completely. Counting down the days of how long it has been since she went missing and on the hunt for clues to lead to her body.
His best friend Gary and his conspiracy theorist dad turn skeptics into true believers in a hilarious not so hilarious way. Gary doesn’t believe any of this, he thinks it was his dads way of acting out when his wife passed away. But the Major knows the truth and knows a good airman when he sees on.
While out for a run, Mulder is stopped in his tracks by crime scene tape at a cemetery. They found a body…. Gasp! A dead body… well, duh! But this was placed in an empty crypt with some mementos left behind. Mulder thinks this has something to do with the disappearance of his sister and he investigates more bringing his best friend Phoebe and the Major into the picture to help to solve this crime. And oh boy, does the Major know some things that will light your socks on fire. They need to follow all the clues and help track down this psycho before he kills another kid again.
He does this all while being followed by X. The mysterious X is hunting information about Mulder. But why?
I’m downright obsessed with this book. I already just read it and I want to dive right back in. I really don’t know what I was expecting, but it sure as hell wasn’t this literary gold.
Just remember, The trust is out there!!

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