Freeks- Amanda Hocking

“They never, never wake again, who sleep upon your bed.”

I am so glad that I talked my husband into letting my buy this. Who doesn’t love a supernatural story at a carnival!? With all the whimsical games, human freaks and enough eighties references to make your life enriched. And a Corey Hart reference! A girl truly after my dark heart. *swoon*

Mara and her mom are apart of a traveling circus. Going from town to town, she doesn’t have time for the usual everyday teen drama. 

The carnival is broke and matters only seem to be getting worse. Until an unexpected offer leads them to a tiny town with promises of money that could change their lives. 

Upon getting into town, things are off. People feel the darkness that creeps in around them. But they decide to make the best of it, while ignoring the weight of doom.

Mara goes wondering through the town and spots him. A gorgeous guy that meets her eye and holds it. She’s suddenly drawn to him like he is to her. Love at first sight. The carnival can wait as she falls into the claws of a man with secrets. She also has a few of her own.

The carnival becomes a huge success, but at dire costs. Things are lurking in the night. Deadly things that are on the hunt for flesh and power.

As things go from successful to frightening in the matter hours. They decide to stick it out to collect the life changing money. 

As performers are being picked off left and right, they must decide what’s right for them in the long run. All while Mara is falling madly in love with Gabe. 

That darker deadly presence will haunt their lives and dreams until there is no one left.

I love this book. Creepy carnivals and weird love are near and dear to my heart. 

What really stopped this from being five stars was a part near the end. This fight sequence of saving performers lives and how it ends. There was something just too far fetched for me and the abrupt end to it all. The story in between that was mesmerizing. 

My favorite book of the year so far!!


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4 thoughts on “Freeks- Amanda Hocking

  1. I’m really glad to hear you liked this! I surprisingly haven’t seen many bloggers talking about it. I just recently won it in a giveaway and can’t wait to dive in! 🙂

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