Blood Rose Rebellion- Rosalyn Eves

“All my life I believed being Barren was the worst curse one could wish on a Luminate. But I was wrong. There was something worse. C*****a.”

Received an arc copy of this from First In Line by RandomHouse Teens. Thanks!!!

I wasn’t expecting anything going into this book. A lot people compared it to Red Queen and we all know how I really feel about that book. Not being a fan of that other title, I  feared as to what was to come. I’m glad I didn’t listen to anyone before digging in.
From the beginning to the very last page I was blown away by the love, the magic and the deceit. Don’t forget about the rich Hungarian history and folklore. All trappings for a magical beauty of a book. 
Anna always believed that she would be high Luminate royalty like her family. Sitting at the top after her coronation when her powers are fully formed. But that day never comes, she’s powerless and believed to be a Barron. Her family doesn’t want her to attend any of the higher up family get togethers due to this. 

On the day of her sisters coronation, she does something she never thought she could do and all by accident. She broke the spell her sister was performing all because of jealousy over a man that was playing games. 

After this outburst, her Grandmother offers to take her out of England to Hungary. With a heavy heart she accepts and is in her way.

In Hungary, she meets a wide cast of magical characters and learns the truth of magic. Seems she has been deceived her entire life. Her friends set forth on a revolutionary overtaking. In the midst of all this, she has fallen in love with a Romani. Someone who can’t love her due to country restrictions. 

In order to help everyone have equal rights, Anna must learn to feel the power inside of her and break the binding curse that seperates the higherups to the lower class. Bringing them together as one.

There is a lot more to the story than what I have put here in my review. I’m not ruining the spectacular details of how all of this story plays out and how she got to be the lead in a magical tale.

Some characters come off as uptight and boorish. Anna seems to be smitten with a lot of people and you find yourself drowning in it. The details of some key major parts were overwhelming and too hard to remember all of it, along with all of the names. It makes for a very confusing tale, especially when Anna kisses certian men. Those are all the things that stopped this from being rated higher. 

I still liked this one a lot better than the boring Red Queen.

Long Live the Revolution!! 


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