The Football Girl by Thatcher Heldring 

Author: Thatcher Heldring

Publishing house:Delacorte press

Publishing date: April 4th, 2017

Pages: 208

Have you ever played a game of football And going out deep the game is tied or your just barely losing and going for that final play and ball is tossed deep and see it it coming threw your head thinking I make this I’m famous as all get out.  Well what happens if you fumble it and you lose that’s where this leaves off Tessa who has been playing with the boys in a league of flag football she is sooo mad that she lost. You would think she wouldn’t be to hard on herself but as a girl it was her last chance since upcoming school year she will be a freshman and girls don’t play football or do they?  One thing is for sure is she is on the list to be topped ranked for cross country with her best friends but is that the route she wants to even take? All these going thru head while on top of that she had feelings for Caleb who was on her  flag team. Going into the summer programs though she has to decide which sport and if does football can she handle the critical of her playing the guys and just the stero types that are laid down all because she is a girl. 

Caleb on other hand has his decision decided he wants to play football and can be next big player as freshman to make varsity as qb. Can he handle dating a girl who wants to be a football player and handle the adversity. 

Overall I enjoyed this book a lot I don’t do middle grade much but helped me with feeling   I was reading to much fantasy. This book had all the things you expected with a girl trying for football the down right disapproval of all and how just gender can change things and loved didn’t feel over excessive or just not plausible. So then has you wondering if she can make the team & keep Caleb interested. If want to know more you’ll have to read it. 5/5 stars quick easy read. ~~~~~ JUSTIN 

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