Operation prom date by cindi madsen 

Title: Operation prom date

Author: condi madsen 

Publishing house: entangled publishing

Publishing date: March 13th

Gotta say I absolutely loved this book!!! I think one of the most fluffiest books I have ever read and Iv read a good amount of contemporary’s. But starts off Kate is a lonely no body that talks to her pet dragon as a friend named after a guy from a tv  show. Till one day she is outside watching the football players practice and is staring at the most popular all star quarterback  Mack. And all she has over wanted to do is date him. Other pov character is Cooper thru by chance over the years on summer vacation has been aquinted with Kate, and notices her staring, and walks over to chat and get talking of Mack.  so work out a deal since his rowing partner is injured needs practices in exchange he will help her land her boy crush Mack and want to go to prom with her. 

So some things I loved about this book is it’s sooo fluffy cute like all the quirky odd ball things Kate is in to Cooper doesn’t judge and will tolerate it and joke around and learning of relationships of characters of tv shows while Kate helps Cooper slowly organize things in his life and how to take a chill pill. The things I sometimes I’ll never understand is why does one person have to change who they are to date another person or to even get a chance and it does happen in today’s day and age. Another I said above is the pop culture references that at times mares things laugh like my own is extremely olicity from arrow which is the ship of felicity and Oliver McQueen. So hope this review helps and feel this no matter what will be extremely top book/ contempory for the year. Lasts years book was tell me three things read in April ended the year near the top. 

100/5 ~~~~~~ JUSTIN 

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