X-Files: Agent Of Chaos- Kami Garcia

“When in dark of night I wake, show me the soul that I must take.”
Ever since I heard about this book, I needed to get my hands on this like how a junkie needs a fix. Holy hell!! What did I just read? I’m speechless at how divine this was.
You take something we all love and make a back story of a younger Mulder and how he started to believe. Because you really can’t trust anyone.
The book starts off with a bang and slowly sets up the pace for that mindblowing end that is to come.
Mulder is a 17-year-old high school student who is about to graduate, turn 18 and go to college just like his old man wants him to do. But we all know he has different plans in mind.
A few years ago, living with his very happy family and younger sister in Maryland, something devastating happens. Pow! The lights go out and when Mulder snaps out of it and the front door is open and his little sister is nowhere in sight. She was kidnapped, but by who? With no clues left behind and Mulder having his memory wiped clean. It’s a cold case from the start that rips apart his family and his mind completely. Counting down the days of how long it has been since she went missing and on the hunt for clues to lead to her body.
His best friend Gary and his conspiracy theorist dad turn skeptics into true believers in a hilarious not so hilarious way. Gary doesn’t believe any of this, he thinks it was his dads way of acting out when his wife passed away. But the Major knows the truth and knows a good airman when he sees on.
While out for a run, Mulder is stopped in his tracks by crime scene tape at a cemetery. They found a body…. Gasp! A dead body… well, duh! But this was placed in an empty crypt with some mementos left behind. Mulder thinks this has something to do with the disappearance of his sister and he investigates more bringing his best friend Phoebe and the Major into the picture to help to solve this crime. And oh boy, does the Major know some things that will light your socks on fire. They need to follow all the clues and help track down this psycho before he kills another kid again.
He does this all while being followed by X. The mysterious X is hunting information about Mulder. But why?
I’m downright obsessed with this book. I already just read it and I want to dive right back in. I really don’t know what I was expecting, but it sure as hell wasn’t this literary gold.
Just remember, The trust is out there!!

Behind Her Eyes- Sarah Pinborough

“To trust the truth of a thing, you have to suffer the thing. You have to get mud on your hands and dirt under your fingernails. You have to dig for it.”
Received an arc copy from FlatIron books for an honest review!! Thanks!!
When I received this book in the mail, everyone was talking about the ending. And we all know me. Miss Detective on the hunt and even I was blown away by the Hitchcockian end to this bizarre story. No amount of guessing could lead you to this conclusion.
Moving to a new city can be uplifting and positive for a new start at life with your wife. Start a new job and be one with the community. And what does David do the first outing he has? That’s right, my friends! He snogs another woman. It just so happens that this woman is his secretary at work. With little hints of stares and smiles, they let this go for now.
The wife Adele is locked in the house with no phone and no credit card. Can he trust her? The marriage seems to be falling apart, but she is holding something over his head and he has to stay.
With bright days ahead, David feels he can trust Adele and gives her the necessities for life. A phone and access to the bank account.
While going for a walk, Louise bumps into Adele, knocking her down and starting a friendship with the woman whos husband she is shacking up with. They become really close friends really fast and this makes both their heads spin.
An affair blooms between David and Louise and do you guys see that? Little cupid has shot his love heart into David and Louise. Good things could only come from this and by good… I mean Drama.
As days pass and Louise gathers with Adele more and more, Louise feels the tension is Adeles marriage and knows something is off besides the cheating.
The friendship stays a secret and Adele even helps Louise with her sleeping problem. Things couldn’t be better for those two. Until you find out the devastating secrets and lies that have been planted. From whom you ask? Just close your eyes and tell me.
This is one book that will have you guessing and gasping for air until the very last page. There were a few chapters that just seemed to be very repetitive for me and that is what made the rating for this book drop. Besides that, it was a very intense read and I fully enjoyed reading it. It doesn’t seem to be one that I would reread due to the fact that the best part is the ending and I already know the secret. Ha!


Slaughtertown Circus- K.M. Tepe

Yeah, when clowns throw up, they upchuck those weird snake things that people put in nut cans. How do they even get in there, man?

The war of Humans Vs. Clowns has been an ongoing battle for decades and it’s time for the Clowns to claim what belongs to them. The world might be a wee bit big, so we’ll start smaller. A small town named Laughtertown is the perfect place to make your dreams come alive.

Xander lives a very boring life. He wakes up, goes to work, comes home, and goes to sleep. A continuous life filled with dread. Not knowing that very soon his life will change forever. 

Going into work and getting fired, he decides drinks will save his day. Walking into a strange place called Doc’s, he meets Billy. The man that will save him from life. 

Hearing his sob story and inviting him to stay with him. Xander starts looking up in the world. 

To cheer Xander up, Billy takes him out for a night on the town and he introduces him to the world of fetish stripping. He loses his mind over this one girl dressed as a clown, the lovely Marbles. Just so happens that she knows Billy…. very intimately. 

For the first time in a very long time, Xander beds Marbles and it blows his mind. A little tidbit is that she gave him something. Worse than any kind of std. He starts slowly turning into a clown. His skin turns white, his eyes are brighter and his hair is bright orange. Let the freaking out and overtaking the world begin. 

Being a clown will change your life in a very fun way. You puke can snakes, you snot maple syrup, you number one fruit punch and number two sweet delicious cotton candy. Beware you you intake, it could make you speechless.

This is one messed up kind of story. It was weird, wacky, and even hilarious. It just wasn’t as ridiculous as I hoped. Still a fast, and great read to take to another dimension.

And wait…. Do you smell that?!?….Corn Dogs!!! 


Thank you, Sleeping Louie!!

Vampire Academy: 10th Anniversary Edition- Richelle Mead


“If you weren’t so psychotic, you’d be fun to hang around.”

My friend, Justin is in love with this series and this author. I think when I told him that I have never read anything by her, he had a crap attack. Mead, Mead, Mead, Mead, Mead is all I have heard and I finally cracked under the pressure.

Looking at the previous covers for this book, I was turned away. But with the rerelease for the anniversary, this cover is absolutely gorgeous. So, when I found this I had to buy it. Then if I didn’t read it soon enough that same friend would have fainted. 

No fainting and/or attacks need to happen. Seeeee!!!

When you start a book off with,“I felt her fear before I heard her screams” you know you’re in for quite the ride. You read alittle more and you get an entire range of sights and sounds. High school academy dramarama, cattiness, harsh rumors and even hot firey forbidden romance. Hehehe!

This anniversary edition includes the original novel and then bonus stories for some of your favorite characters. You feel that you’re let into a secret society, knighted by a sword and sworn to secrecy. 

Rose and Lissa are on the run. They ran away from the academy and it’s been two years. Going that long without being caught comes with over the shoulder consequences. Until you have a guardian who makes it his personal business to bring back the last remaining heir to the Dragomir name. 

Guardian Dimitri finds those two, taking all leads seriously and brings them back. 

Lissa is welcomed back while Rose faces the harsh punishment of taking Lissa away from safe shelter and school. Rose is on house arrest and only allowed to attend school and training with the long haired gorgeous one Dimitri. *sound the tension alarm*

Lissas popularity plummeted once she was gone. Mia, a nobody took her ex-bf and makes her life and Roses a living hell. Never double cross any petty girl named Mia. 

The more training that happens, the more Roses heart speeds up, words get caught in her throat and she gets sweaty. Do we detect reciprocal affection?

As forbiddeness blooms, evil and bloody things appear for Lissa to find and it sends her into shock mode. But a secret that no one should know about can damage peoples lives as we know it.

Will life ever get back to normal for these two?

This was surprisingly good. I’m shocked. I enjoyed the story and the tension. I even texted a friend to find out about two characters hooking up and he won’t spill. But you can’t write fantastic tension like that and let it go. 

What stopped this from being five stars was Mia. Her pettiness over a boy was too over the top and kind of annoying.

If you are apprehensive about this book, give it a try. I was and I’m glad I have a great friend lead me in the right direction.