He Said/ She Said- Erin Kelly

Holy mother of Poseidon!!

Review is of an advanced readers copy that I have received from the publisher for an honest review!!
Who do you believe?

That stuck with me through the entire book and once you learn the truth, you’ll find it even harder to trust anyone. Even people you think you know intimately. 
The last chapter in this book is the most disturbing thing that I have ever read before. It’s spookingly different, thought provoking, brilliant and thrilling as hell. 
Laura and Kit are young in their relationship. Being travel companions to witness some of the worlds best solar eclipse and they fall in love. Cornwall is their next stop and it will be life changing. 
While finding the perfect spot to watch as the world goes dark they stumble upon something shocking. A guy on top of a girl who is so terrified that she is mute. Laura tries to help the girl and the guy runs off, telling them it’s not at all what it looks like. What comes after is something no one could even imagine. 
With statements come lawyers and the trial begins. Some horrible things are put out into the world. But it all comes down to what he said and what she said. Who do you really trust? 
Laura befriends the girl she helped and things go from fantastic to horrifying. She stalks them into a panic. They can’t go out of even breathe without Beth knowing about it. The most of terrifying things take place and Kit and Laura run for their lives. Changing their identities and go into hiding in a new place. 
But the question still stands, who do you believe? 
This was one fantastic crazy book. You never know what you’re getting yourself into with a book like this and I was shocked with every page there was. I’m glad that I received this from the publisher early. Now I have to wait with the creepy crawling feeling for the release date. 
As I was reading, I felt my skin crawl like maybe there was someone behind me, watching me. As I slowly turn around….I’m alone, but those feelings stayed with me along time after this book was finished. 
Add this to your tbr now, you won’t regret this one bit.


Long May She Reign by Rhannon Thomas 

Book: long may she reign

Author: Rhiannon Thomas 

Publishing house: Harper teen

Publishing date: febuary 21st

Cover rating: 5 stars
What would you do if suddenly so far back to be king/ queen then suddenly a massacre happens and next thing you know your king/ queen. That’s pretty much what happens to freya. She is a nobody besides herself being born into rich noble life. But she isn’t like most royals she would rather be a scientist making discovery like how to make a constant flame to keep hands warm in winter. So going from scientist to queen has its big changes and new life. But since it’s so new and no one knows who the murderer is who can she trust. Since advisors to her want the throne or think she is to weak, her dad being bossy and maybe did it so his daughter and himself can have control. Or any of the survivors. That is a question you will have to figure out before its to late and some one thinks she is to weak and takes the throne over or even worse is killed. Going in with long may she reign you figure book will be court drama and that life of luxury but it’s really not just a tad it’s more of murder mystery book then dealing with royality going on.  Just wanted to say I enjoyed this book but be warned I felt book was a tad slow starting but book gets better. And the book using science in parts just seemed really cool and made it sound like they were in ancient times When weren’t but it’s not modern either. Plus thru the book has you questioning who murder person is or if someone freya talks with being legit or telling lies. So all said and done in this stand alone I give it 5 stars and look for another book from this author 

5/5 stars ~~~~~~~ JUSTIN

Dark Hearts- Micalea Smeltzer 

“I want to be graceful even when everything is falling apart. I want to be strong enough to not crumble when things get rough.”

Confession…. this book was adorably beautiful, touching and deeply romantic with steamy scenes thrown in for good measure. 
The quick sweeping romance that overtakes Jace and Nova is everything you wish for. You need someone in your life that changes your perspective on the outlook of the world. 
Nova was born and raised in Texas. Growing up with a hardass for a dad who was very involved in the church made for a horrible life. When the worst happens, her family force her into a situation she disagrees with. Turning her back on her family she decides out of state for college is her best option. Colorado is where she goes. 
Jace lived in Colorado all his life. At a younger age he lost his mom to a terminal disease leaving him to live his life with his father. A father who only cares about climbing the Government latter. Which leaves no time for Jace. When the time is right Jace leaves to his own place and gets a job at a bar. And good ole dad is just thrilled. (Sarcasm my friends)
Jace needing a roommate, Nova decides to move in. But secretly move in. Their friends will look into this as something when it is nothing…. for right now. 
Things go from weird to complicated when Jace and Nova take things to another level. They start hooking up and things escalate quickly. Feelings are shared and the dreaded L word is spread. Things couldn’t get any more complicated! Can they!!? 
They both bare hidden secrets and they would like to keep it that way until its time. But secrets have a way of coming to the surface in a relationship and Novas is quite a shock. 
Baring truths and their souls to one another, can love be enough when secrets change everything? When lies were shared to protect secrets!? 
Can we all agree that Jace was annoying? Like Jace being a macho, controlling, know it all jealous boyfriend annoying!? I might be screaming this right now….. God forbid she have male friends or even look in the direction of another species. He would flip. Guess what Jace, women can do what they want!! If she wants friends then friends she will have. No one needs your approval. Ugh! Men! Yuck!! 
Besides the Jace situation, this book was pretty fantastic. Nova was instantly adored and her friends were super sweet. It makes you want to read their stories in the other books and continue on. I honestly believe that Nova carried this story from beginning to end. And her shocking twist made you love her even more. And yes I was shocked. Yeah, me! (Points at self) Yup!!
And a word of advice.. Please don’t ever reference Twenty One Pilots! What a way to to turn you off from a higher rating!!


Coming up for air by Miranda Kenneally 

TITLE: Coming up for air

AUTHOR:Miranda Kenneally

Publishing date: July 1st 

Publishing house: sourcebooks fire

This book I received from netgalley & source books fire for an honest review.  

Breath in, breath out I can do this. the gun goes off! Splash!!! Just 1-2-3 move arm to swim!! Almost to wall takes a glance to crowd is that a cute guy!!! Nah can’t think that just gotta keep swimming beat my old time….

This book is about a girl (Maggie) and all she does is swim night and day since hoping to make the Olympics since she is that good. Only down fall she is in her senior year and has never had a boy friend or even a real kiss so she wants to finally experience that question is to herself how can she do both. Which to say is extremely hard espcially if she only wants to do if comfy. So to help out to learn she asks her best friend to teach her. You can see where this is going wether to even remotely stuff with best friend and prey to god if get along that well is not to make it awkward and ruin what she has with him.  Gotta say for a book of sports and romance I really really enjoyed the mix of the two. And things this books shows is competing of swimmers and the first of everything related to guys.  It def has its pretty funny moments that some book didn’t have like some contemporary’s. Only thing that not a down fall to me but some might say is for YA book the details in more hot scenes felt very border line ya and NA. For me not a issue and made me love the book more. So overall no complaints at all amazing book for sports romance and a bit of competition 5/5 stars ~~~~~~JUSTIN 

Opening Up- Lauren Dane 

“And she was better once she’d opened the side door and taken in the smell, the sound of Van Halen’s Running with the devil blaring as Duke worked on a motorcycle off to her right, the way the place soared in every direction, full of hot dudes fixing stuff.”

Just to clarify, this wasn’t the best quote in the book. But how can you not re-quote anything that talks about Van Halen? That would be total blasphemy. 

This book was good up to a point. It was too predictable for my taste and there wasn’t enough fight in the characters. Love can make people do crazy things, but nothing could break these two apart. Not even hidden truths. 
Who doesn’t dream about dating an older bad boy with money? Wait!? Just you! Yeaaahhh!! You…. (looks beside me) (smirk)
Bad boy Asa, Owner of the custom motorcycle shop Twisted Steel is a hard worker in more ways than one. With a woman on his arm at all times, he never brings them into his work world and sure as hell doesn’t keep them for more than a night. Then PJ walks into his life. 
PJ Colman is heir to Colman Enterprises with her siblings, uncle and her noncreative father. She sets her sights high and wants to start doing custom paint and she’s damn good at what she does. Name excluded. 
Wanting to broaden the horizons of the company, she pairs up with customs shops to get her name and company out into the world besides tires. 
Teaming up with Asa is good and bad for both of them. The tension is thick and surrounds them like a viper. A sudden kiss strikes and Asa ignores PJ. 
Asa never mixes business with pleasure even when he’s smitten with this tough, beautiful grease monkey of a woman. And her younger age doesn’t sit well in his soul. 
Will Asa look past age and grab what he wants? Will PJ change his life for the better? Will Colman Enterprises finally give the females the recognition they fully deserve? 
Family drama, new love and eye opening sex makes this a great escape. We may all want the latter but the before they can definitely keep. 
Steamy, moving and downright fantasyland novel that was a wee bit predictable (duh) and a heartbreaking family story that will make you cheer for Pj. And of course, Go girl!!!


Lick- Kylie Scott

“You are so damn pretty, he breathed. Every piece of you. And when I dared you to put aside your plan and run away with me, you said yes.”

Talk about the dream fantasy of any fan girl who is obsessed with any kind of celebrity. Be it an actor or a musician. We all had these type of dreams, picturing yourself in the arms of the beautiful and wealthy and then the real world comes crashing down. 
And it doesn’t hurt to take yourself out of reality. 

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas is a good motto to go by or so we thought. 
Waking up in a motel bathroom in Vegas shows that you had the best time celebrating your birthday. And then things come into focus. A gorgeous man helping you recover and a huge rock of a ring on your finger. And then maybe instant regret. Not remembering an once of what occurred, she slowly puts the pieces together with help from this mysterious gentleman. 
Finding her best friend, they leave to go home to Seattle. The paparazzi are everywhere asking questions and taking pictures. Coming to the realization that she married a rock star god. Her life is now hectic.
David is the guitarist to the hottest band in the world right now and he instantly fell for Evelyn when she put some of his ignorant friends in place. 
Wanting this marriage to end, Eve wants this settled sooner rather than later. With terms, conditions, and a huge payment, Eve realizes that this isn’t what she wants. She decides to think things over and spend quite the weekend with her new husband. 
Coming to terms with the marriage and falling in love. They decide to give this thing a shot. Can true love survive after a drunken night in Vegas? 
Love is never easy, especially when you are surrounded by the media. They can twist and turn every little detail into something devastating. 
Lick was one hell of a mesmerizing story and one that can only happen in a book. I think that’s why I held my rating back a bit. I loved the story and the characters were instantly love worthy. The story was a bit too far fetched, but if it gets a girl dreaming…. then you did your job. Simply amazing. 

So if anyone can send me book two I would be forever grateful. 

“Sex was so messy. Love was far and away worse.”

Girl in Pieces by Kathleen Glasgow

This book. All I gotta say is wow!!! Stacy hinted and hinted not much but to try this book out so I finally did. And the book is amazing, I tend to stick to my fluffy reads but figured change of pace but you follow a girl named Charlie starts off as she is waking up in a hospitial she is in since trying  to commit Suicide. Thru her journey you learn you gotta take small steps, and just because people talk to you doesn’t mean there going to be your friend. And sometimes just need to learn just help your self not others. Plus this book not for me exactly i don’t cut but i dated someone who did and shows how maybe what’s going thru the mind of the cutter and try to give help and show them they can have support and help guide them away. But I suggest everyone Atleast to give this book a change and might change your mind on some aspects of people and such. I’ll remember this book for awhile. 5/5 stars ~~~~~JUSTIN