More Than This- Jay McLean

Prom is supposed to be the bright light at the end of the tunnel. The last major event before graduating and going out into the world to be an adult. 

For Makayla this night means the world to her. She can’t wait to be with the man she loves James and then gush about it to her parents. Even though they are embarrassing and turn songs into all things penis. 

With her best friend Megan at her side and her boyfriend they do dinner first. When an ignorant guy spills his drink on her, she heads to the bathroom and finds something so breathtaking disgusting and heartbreaking, it turns her world upside down. To find your best friend and your boyfriend waking out of the bathroom together as they are fixing their clothes is devastating. Until her savior, her Prince Charming and her knight in shining armor comes to her rescue. In stead of breaking down she joins Jake and his friends for a night of fun and forgetting. 

He lifts her up when she’s feeling down and saves her from regret and depression. Mikayla has the time of her life with Jake and she feels smitten the instant he saves her. 

While taking her home and the road being blocked off, the unthinkable happens. If you thought the cheating was bad, what they find while taking Mikayla home is just plan shocking and heartbreaking. She can’t go home, so Jake offers his home until things can be worked out. 

He is her savior and this is what she needs. He is there for her every step of the way and he feels just as head over heels as she does. What doesn’t happen is that lip locking loss that they both crave and to go all the way. This is a lot more interesting for the both of them. When the time is right and perfect they will go that step. 

Will this love based on heartbreak and backstabbing be her end, her fairy tale ending?

This story is so cute and kind of morbid. Two things I love and need in my life. 

Lately I’ve been some kind of sap for the fluffy mushy stuff and this is everything. 

Every girl wants this in their life and when they find it it takes their breath away. 

I’ve been recommending this book to everyone as I was reading it and it didn’t stop when I finished it. 

Book two needed to be here yesterday, but we all must be patient for the romance to take over. 



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