Beauty and the Beast: Lost In A Book- Jennifer Donnelly

“I like books better than mirrors. Mirrors only show us what we are. Books show us what we can be.”

Growing up, Beauty and the Beast wasn’t on the top of my list. Which is insane. I didn’t appreciate it as much as I do now. All book lovers have a little bit of Belle inside of them. And we all dream of marrying a beast of a man who has a giant library. 

In my case, I think my husband married me for my books. (Just kidding) but it is one hell of a plus. 

Love and Death are in a bet that could ruin the other to see if the spell that was cast on the Beast will be broken. And if we all know Death, she does not like to lose. 

Belle was taken from her home and sacrificed her life for her father. Her punishment is to live her life at the castle of the Beast. 

With unruly days and nights ahead, Belle cannot sleep wihout thinking about leaving her dad behind. 

Making friends with the other household help is what makes her days brighter. But the Beast is who makes her life miserable. He doesn’t want to be bothered when it comes to anything. 

Deep down inside he really wants to learn to be respectable and loving to another person. 

To make Belles life more fulfilling, the Beast gives her access to his personal Library. And what girl wouldn’t drool over the rarest of editions that are located in that room? This is where Belle spends a lot of time in. and who could blame her?

Death notices that Belle is starting to warm up to the Beast, so she sets forward a plan to trap her in a world where she is no longer able to feel anything for anyone that stays at the castle. The book of Nevermore is placed before Belle and she hops into a story. Her own personal story of travel, love, and family. But nothing is as good as it seems. 

We all know and love the story of Belle and the Beast. Growing up it is a bit scary and over the top for someone who is just beginning to start a life. But we must look at the bigger picture.

Jennifer does a fantastic job of putting forth the story of the dreaded spell that overtakes the life of more that just the Beast. 

I love how we got a better understanding of each character in the story. The characters were strong and even a bit more sassier than we all remember. The ending of this leaves it up for another volume maybe!? I really hope. It flowed perfectly and was an amazing edition to the Beauty and the Beast franchise. 

This makes me want to dust off the old VHS tape and watch it again.


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There is nothing better than a great cup of coffee and an even better book.

6 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast: Lost In A Book- Jennifer Donnelly

  1. This is somehow embarrassing, but I have never watched the animation or read the book (although I have a general knowledge of the story). I plan to watch the live-adaptation, and this book definitely grabbed my attention!

    I love magical tales, and this one seems to be it! Great review 😀

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  2. Great review! I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit that I have not read the book. I have watched the animated version. And OMG the Beast’s library epitomized all of my childhood goals! If I had a goal in life when I was ten…it was to own a library like that one day. I have been patiently waiting for the release of the live action adaptation and even though I loved your review, it’s made me want March 17th to hurry up and get here even more lol. Happy Reading!

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    1. We are so excited for the live action version to come out. Been looking at the calendar, but it doesn’t make the time fly.
      I have a friend in Canada who went to the Beauty and the Beast Castle tour and they had a lot of set pieces from the movie. We were all envious.
      Thank you!! 😊😊

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      1. Ha! Funny you mention the Castle Loma Beauty and The Beast Tour…I just found out about it last night while I was at work and today is the last day that it is on display. So, I’m going to miss it, and I’m pretty sad about it.


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