Dirty Rush- Taylor Bell

“After a freshman year like this one, I’m basically just a more badass version of myself? Am I not? More badass version? Wow, okay, maybe a little conceited?”

Sometimes when you find books that are ridiculously cheap at a bookstore, you can’t help yourself and buy it. You read the synopsis and think that this might actually be stellar. So, you start reading it and dig deeper into the world of the book. You finally reach the end and now you know why this book was super cheap to begin with. 
I’m sure some of my stronger brain cells are now partying it up with my slower ones. Thanks! (That was sarcasm) 
Going into this I figured this would be a quick, fun, hilarious read that I could turn my brain off while reading. And I was so right about the brain part. I’m sure my dog has a lot more brains than all of the character in this book combined. 
Instead of fun and hilarious you get immature girls hooking up with immature boys while drinking and doing drugs. Through the entire thing I hoped and prayed that people don’t talk this way to each other. Every other word was either Cute or the R word. I don’t care who you are, the R word stays somewhere other than your mouth. And does anything fun ever come out of Delaware? 
Taylor is excited to start her first year at CDU and not follow in the footsteps of her mom and sister. Her family is a legacy when it comes to the sorority of Beta Zetas. But she wants nothing to do with that part of college until she meets Jack and he invites her to his fraternity party. 
She plans on spending the night with him. But her future hold other plans that involve the BZs. They save her from complete meltdown and shame. She is the top girl on their list of pledges and she joins them for the closeness that she desires. 
Secrets swirl around her because of her sister and a BZ. Something she didn’t see coming. And then a sex tape surfaces and all fingers point to Taylor. She is now on a mission to clear her name while also finding out some hidden details of her sister and sorority. 
It may sound like harmless fun and hilariousness but it is anything but. 
The reason for my rating is because I did laugh once or twice and the kind of twist of who was in the video was classic. My rating is me being very generous due to those two things. 

Now I know better than to buy a bargain book that looks like trash. Because it’ll be trash. I’m grateful that I don’t have to add this to my collection and I can pass this to someone else. 
Crystal cute!


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There is nothing better than a great cup of coffee and an even better book.

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