Beautiful Surrender- Priscilla West

 “I love you! I mean truly love you. Not obsession. Not lust. No selfish possession. Not some kind of blind idealism. Not some sick, twisted version of love- but the real thing. One with eyes open. One with respect. One that never underestimates the hardships to its existence, never takes the other person for granted. The only kind of love there really is.”

I’m not sure what my deal is lately. My brain doesn’t want to overthink anything, so I’ve been feeding my brain what it really truly wants…. I guess that’s some mindless smut to cure me having a case of the scatterbrain. Who wants to concentrate when you can dream? Who wants to shut off the world when you can combine both powers that be? (if only I have a secret club ring….)
And that my dear friends is how you end the story of two crazy kids in love/lust.
This picks up where we left off in book two. Kristen running home after learning a horrible secret about Vincent that destroyed her life. Crying her eyes out and a knock comes to the door. Thinking it’s Vincent, she opens the door and it’s that psycho except of hers Marty. 
He found her after all this time. After a scary end to their relationship, she picked up her life and found something that she was passionate about. And now he’s back and she is terrified. 
Vincent knows that he has made some mistakes in his life, but he’s a changed man for the better since hes been with Kristen. Sometimes things are taken out of context. He might be falling in love and needs to express his feelings. 
Them Vincent and the Ex Marty meet and things can only get disastrous from there. We are in for in hell of a slinging end. 
This entire book has left me completely speechless. Who the hell seen this book leading up to that ending. Well, before the epilogue. The epilogue we all seem from miles away and in the mist. That last chapter had my eyes so wide that I wasn’t sure if I could ever blink again. 

This was something different that I thought I would try and glad I did. She is one hell of an author and authors only grow with each book. So I am over the moon excited to read her other books.


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There is nothing better than a great cup of coffee and an even better book.

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