Lick- Kylie Scott

“You are so damn pretty, he breathed. Every piece of you. And when I dared you to put aside your plan and run away with me, you said yes.”

Talk about the dream fantasy of any fan girl who is obsessed with any kind of celebrity. Be it an actor or a musician. We all had these type of dreams, picturing yourself in the arms of the beautiful and wealthy and then the real world comes crashing down. 
And it doesn’t hurt to take yourself out of reality. 

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas is a good motto to go by or so we thought. 
Waking up in a motel bathroom in Vegas shows that you had the best time celebrating your birthday. And then things come into focus. A gorgeous man helping you recover and a huge rock of a ring on your finger. And then maybe instant regret. Not remembering an once of what occurred, she slowly puts the pieces together with help from this mysterious gentleman. 
Finding her best friend, they leave to go home to Seattle. The paparazzi are everywhere asking questions and taking pictures. Coming to the realization that she married a rock star god. Her life is now hectic.
David is the guitarist to the hottest band in the world right now and he instantly fell for Evelyn when she put some of his ignorant friends in place. 
Wanting this marriage to end, Eve wants this settled sooner rather than later. With terms, conditions, and a huge payment, Eve realizes that this isn’t what she wants. She decides to think things over and spend quite the weekend with her new husband. 
Coming to terms with the marriage and falling in love. They decide to give this thing a shot. Can true love survive after a drunken night in Vegas? 
Love is never easy, especially when you are surrounded by the media. They can twist and turn every little detail into something devastating. 
Lick was one hell of a mesmerizing story and one that can only happen in a book. I think that’s why I held my rating back a bit. I loved the story and the characters were instantly love worthy. The story was a bit too far fetched, but if it gets a girl dreaming…. then you did your job. Simply amazing. 

So if anyone can send me book two I would be forever grateful. 

“Sex was so messy. Love was far and away worse.”

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