Opening Up- Lauren Dane 

“And she was better once she’d opened the side door and taken in the smell, the sound of Van Halen’s Running with the devil blaring as Duke worked on a motorcycle off to her right, the way the place soared in every direction, full of hot dudes fixing stuff.”

Just to clarify, this wasn’t the best quote in the book. But how can you not re-quote anything that talks about Van Halen? That would be total blasphemy. 

This book was good up to a point. It was too predictable for my taste and there wasn’t enough fight in the characters. Love can make people do crazy things, but nothing could break these two apart. Not even hidden truths. 
Who doesn’t dream about dating an older bad boy with money? Wait!? Just you! Yeaaahhh!! You…. (looks beside me) (smirk)
Bad boy Asa, Owner of the custom motorcycle shop Twisted Steel is a hard worker in more ways than one. With a woman on his arm at all times, he never brings them into his work world and sure as hell doesn’t keep them for more than a night. Then PJ walks into his life. 
PJ Colman is heir to Colman Enterprises with her siblings, uncle and her noncreative father. She sets her sights high and wants to start doing custom paint and she’s damn good at what she does. Name excluded. 
Wanting to broaden the horizons of the company, she pairs up with customs shops to get her name and company out into the world besides tires. 
Teaming up with Asa is good and bad for both of them. The tension is thick and surrounds them like a viper. A sudden kiss strikes and Asa ignores PJ. 
Asa never mixes business with pleasure even when he’s smitten with this tough, beautiful grease monkey of a woman. And her younger age doesn’t sit well in his soul. 
Will Asa look past age and grab what he wants? Will PJ change his life for the better? Will Colman Enterprises finally give the females the recognition they fully deserve? 
Family drama, new love and eye opening sex makes this a great escape. We may all want the latter but the before they can definitely keep. 
Steamy, moving and downright fantasyland novel that was a wee bit predictable (duh) and a heartbreaking family story that will make you cheer for Pj. And of course, Go girl!!!


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