Coming up for air by Miranda Kenneally 

TITLE: Coming up for air

AUTHOR:Miranda Kenneally

Publishing date: July 1st 

Publishing house: sourcebooks fire

This book I received from netgalley & source books fire for an honest review.  

Breath in, breath out I can do this. the gun goes off! Splash!!! Just 1-2-3 move arm to swim!! Almost to wall takes a glance to crowd is that a cute guy!!! Nah can’t think that just gotta keep swimming beat my old time….

This book is about a girl (Maggie) and all she does is swim night and day since hoping to make the Olympics since she is that good. Only down fall she is in her senior year and has never had a boy friend or even a real kiss so she wants to finally experience that question is to herself how can she do both. Which to say is extremely hard espcially if she only wants to do if comfy. So to help out to learn she asks her best friend to teach her. You can see where this is going wether to even remotely stuff with best friend and prey to god if get along that well is not to make it awkward and ruin what she has with him.  Gotta say for a book of sports and romance I really really enjoyed the mix of the two. And things this books shows is competing of swimmers and the first of everything related to guys.  It def has its pretty funny moments that some book didn’t have like some contemporary’s. Only thing that not a down fall to me but some might say is for YA book the details in more hot scenes felt very border line ya and NA. For me not a issue and made me love the book more. So overall no complaints at all amazing book for sports romance and a bit of competition 5/5 stars ~~~~~~JUSTIN 

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