Dark Hearts- Micalea Smeltzer 

“I want to be graceful even when everything is falling apart. I want to be strong enough to not crumble when things get rough.”

Confession…. this book was adorably beautiful, touching and deeply romantic with steamy scenes thrown in for good measure. 
The quick sweeping romance that overtakes Jace and Nova is everything you wish for. You need someone in your life that changes your perspective on the outlook of the world. 
Nova was born and raised in Texas. Growing up with a hardass for a dad who was very involved in the church made for a horrible life. When the worst happens, her family force her into a situation she disagrees with. Turning her back on her family she decides out of state for college is her best option. Colorado is where she goes. 
Jace lived in Colorado all his life. At a younger age he lost his mom to a terminal disease leaving him to live his life with his father. A father who only cares about climbing the Government latter. Which leaves no time for Jace. When the time is right Jace leaves to his own place and gets a job at a bar. And good ole dad is just thrilled. (Sarcasm my friends)
Jace needing a roommate, Nova decides to move in. But secretly move in. Their friends will look into this as something when it is nothing…. for right now. 
Things go from weird to complicated when Jace and Nova take things to another level. They start hooking up and things escalate quickly. Feelings are shared and the dreaded L word is spread. Things couldn’t get any more complicated! Can they!!? 
They both bare hidden secrets and they would like to keep it that way until its time. But secrets have a way of coming to the surface in a relationship and Novas is quite a shock. 
Baring truths and their souls to one another, can love be enough when secrets change everything? When lies were shared to protect secrets!? 
Can we all agree that Jace was annoying? Like Jace being a macho, controlling, know it all jealous boyfriend annoying!? I might be screaming this right now….. God forbid she have male friends or even look in the direction of another species. He would flip. Guess what Jace, women can do what they want!! If she wants friends then friends she will have. No one needs your approval. Ugh! Men! Yuck!! 
Besides the Jace situation, this book was pretty fantastic. Nova was instantly adored and her friends were super sweet. It makes you want to read their stories in the other books and continue on. I honestly believe that Nova carried this story from beginning to end. And her shocking twist made you love her even more. And yes I was shocked. Yeah, me! (Points at self) Yup!!
And a word of advice.. Please don’t ever reference Twenty One Pilots! What a way to to turn you off from a higher rating!!


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