Long May She Reign by Rhannon Thomas 

Book: long may she reign

Author: Rhiannon Thomas 

Publishing house: Harper teen

Publishing date: febuary 21st

Cover rating: 5 stars
What would you do if suddenly so far back to be king/ queen then suddenly a massacre happens and next thing you know your king/ queen. That’s pretty much what happens to freya. She is a nobody besides herself being born into rich noble life. But she isn’t like most royals she would rather be a scientist making discovery like how to make a constant flame to keep hands warm in winter. So going from scientist to queen has its big changes and new life. But since it’s so new and no one knows who the murderer is who can she trust. Since advisors to her want the throne or think she is to weak, her dad being bossy and maybe did it so his daughter and himself can have control. Or any of the survivors. That is a question you will have to figure out before its to late and some one thinks she is to weak and takes the throne over or even worse is killed. Going in with long may she reign you figure book will be court drama and that life of luxury but it’s really not just a tad it’s more of murder mystery book then dealing with royality going on.  Just wanted to say I enjoyed this book but be warned I felt book was a tad slow starting but book gets better. And the book using science in parts just seemed really cool and made it sound like they were in ancient times When weren’t but it’s not modern either. Plus thru the book has you questioning who murder person is or if someone freya talks with being legit or telling lies. So all said and done in this stand alone I give it 5 stars and look for another book from this author 

5/5 stars ~~~~~~~ JUSTIN

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