He Said/ She Said- Erin Kelly

Holy mother of Poseidon!!

Review is of an advanced readers copy that I have received from the publisher for an honest review!!
Who do you believe?

That stuck with me through the entire book and once you learn the truth, you’ll find it even harder to trust anyone. Even people you think you know intimately. 
The last chapter in this book is the most disturbing thing that I have ever read before. It’s spookingly different, thought provoking, brilliant and thrilling as hell. 
Laura and Kit are young in their relationship. Being travel companions to witness some of the worlds best solar eclipse and they fall in love. Cornwall is their next stop and it will be life changing. 
While finding the perfect spot to watch as the world goes dark they stumble upon something shocking. A guy on top of a girl who is so terrified that she is mute. Laura tries to help the girl and the guy runs off, telling them it’s not at all what it looks like. What comes after is something no one could even imagine. 
With statements come lawyers and the trial begins. Some horrible things are put out into the world. But it all comes down to what he said and what she said. Who do you really trust? 
Laura befriends the girl she helped and things go from fantastic to horrifying. She stalks them into a panic. They can’t go out of even breathe without Beth knowing about it. The most of terrifying things take place and Kit and Laura run for their lives. Changing their identities and go into hiding in a new place. 
But the question still stands, who do you believe? 
This was one fantastic crazy book. You never know what you’re getting yourself into with a book like this and I was shocked with every page there was. I’m glad that I received this from the publisher early. Now I have to wait with the creepy crawling feeling for the release date. 
As I was reading, I felt my skin crawl like maybe there was someone behind me, watching me. As I slowly turn around….I’m alone, but those feelings stayed with me along time after this book was finished. 
Add this to your tbr now, you won’t regret this one bit.


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