Windfall- Jennifer Smith

“Well, how can you have so much faith in someone- especially someone who lets you down as much as Teddy- when you have so little faith in the world?”

Thank you First In Line for an arc copy of this book!!!

We all have had those dreams of what we would do if we won the lottery. And I’m not talking twenty or thirty dollars. I’m talking life changing millions that people throw themselves at. Where people lower their standards and morals just to be close to it. 

My dream is to buy a huge house in the middle of nowhere with floor to ceiling bookcases. Think Beauty and the Beast, but bigger and grander. Sigh! And maybe a sexy butler to hold my book and flip the pages as I read. Somewhere, someone is reading this and playing magical music for me. Thank you, darling!

You only turn eighteen once and the best way to celebrate is to throw a huge party in your tiny two-room apartment. Teddy is finally eighteen and his two best friends, Alice and Leo know the perfect way to commemorate this very special occasion. Leo buys his a pack of smokes and Alice buys him a lottery ticket. The jackpot is so enormous that no one would know what to do with all that money. Along with the lottery ticket, Alice will finally tell him how she feels about him. For the past few years, she has been gaga over him. She just never had the courage to tell him. The day is here and now. Telling him inside of a card is the way she is going lay it on the line.

Teddy is what we all like to call a douche canoe. He only does things to get what he wants and uses women like they are a pair of pants that he outgrows. Alice is still smitten and won’t give up. At the end of the party, Alice and Teddy share a kiss and images of things get complicated. To make matters even crazier…. Teddy wins the lottery. The ticket that Alice bought him hits big. Three people get to split that large jackpot. Making Teddy go from Douche to Douchier with a capital D. 

How in the world will one guy spend all that money? And of course, he does what any normal red-blooded human would do. He buys fancy clothes and a red hot sports car to make everyone envious. Is this money a blessing or a curse? This is the first time in his life that he gets to not worry about money and take care of his Mother, who stuck around after his dad split. 

Will Teddy grow up and do the right thing with the money? Or will he fall into the curse of other fallen winners? The winners circle isn’t always sweet.

Alice and Leo were amazing characters. I loved them so much and wanted nothing but bright eyes and happiness for them. Even though Alice was in love with a Douche Nozzle. What the hell did she ever see in him? A perfectly good guy who even volunteers liked her a lot and would have treated her like a princess. And what does our girl do? She turns him down!! What the hell is wrong with you, girl?
I will never understand why girls always want the bad boys until they do those stupid, idiotic things that attracted you to them in the first place. And look what happened!! You’re feelings and your heart was crushed. Stay away from Teddy, alright!? 

Besides that, the entire story was great and the back story of each character was amazingly brought through and fully developed. When life gives you lemons, you must squirt it in people’s eyes. Life has a mysterious way of leading you astray and it could change it for the better.

Daughters Unto Devils- Amy Lukavics

“When I die, I will see hell. I whispered after we were through with our sins of the flesh, but the post boy did not hear me over the sound of water from the creek. The devil has claimed me already.”

This is classic horror mixed with little house on the prairie from hell. An incredible debut from a new mistress of horror. It takes a lot to spook me…. unless you’re Angela from Sleepaway Camp. Then I’m running for the hills and never looking back. This book is deeply disturbing and it creeped me out a bit. I won’t lie. I felt the goosebumps form on my arms, saw shadows out of the corner of my eye, and felt the hair on the back of my neck stand as I felt hidden eyes tearing through my soul. 

Any fan new or old looking for something to keep you awake at night and maybe look under the bed before going to sleep… should read this. You’ll never look at your family the same way again. 

Amanda has been keeping some earth shattering secrets from her family. On one of the nights during the harshest winter that the Verner family has ever dealt with, Amanda saw the Devil. Something so wicked that she didn’t have the courage to tell anyone. And her other secret is that she had been meeting a post boy and she is with child. Thinking the most horrible things about the child, she must decide whether to tell the father and her family or keep it a secret for as long as she can. 

Her father coming back from traveling to sell his earthly goods decides that it is time for the family to move from their tiny cabin to an even bigger one he has seen in his travels. Packing up everything that is useful, they head on their way to something that is not so cramping. 

When they finally arrive, something is instantly wrong. They can’t find a creek for water, the weeds have overgrown so bad that there might be animals lurking, and the inside of the cabin looks like it was a slaughterhouse. From floor to ceiling, completely covered in sticky blood. Revolting away from the cabin, Pa tells everyone that they will be sleeping outside until he puts new flooring down and cleans up te mess. Amanda can already feel the darkness spreading into her life more and more. With such heinous thoughts and pure hatred for her newborn baby sister. 

During a harsh winter, her Mom gave birth to her Sister, Hannah. Since Ma was so sick with a fever, her sister was born deaf and blind. Complicating the life of everyone, Hannah included. Not being able to communicate what she wants, all Hannah does is screech and cry until Ma picks her back up and hums her back to sleep.

While cleaning up the yard, they spot a boy. Zeke lives a few miles in another direction, but he uses the water pump when in need. His Father is a doctor and Ma is forever grateful for having them close by. And one day Zeke tells the kids some spooky campfire tales. But those evil tales of horror might help them in the end and they don’t know it until it might be too late. 

Things that happened should have scared the Verner family away and they should have listened to their instinct. Things go from creepy to even creepier. Now Amanda isn’t sure if the devil owns the land or if pure darkness and evil is just inside of her. 

This was a very quick and creepy read. I couldn’t put it down and finished it in less than a day. I enjoyed this a lot more than her other novel. This one wasn’t predictable at all and will keep you up at night. 
If you hear the fiddle, you better run!!!

New York City teen author fest part 2 

And now the part explain from other day it was a week event and hadn’t gone to second event for me for the week but this is part 2. A huge 4 hour long signing session with new authors every 30 mins with near 40ish maybe slightly +. Starts off wake up to a freezing freezing house since my heater stopped working so was 54 when woke up at 7 to head to NYC again for 1pm start time. Out the door by 8:30 bringing my none book friend krista along since she loves NYC. Ride up is the first pumping and dancing edm stations. (Ps I don’t fist pump like they say gwido “jersey” guys do or anything at all. Finally get to city near 11 Make to books of wonder by 11:30 check all books but what I like. Yadda yadda did NYC pizza, finally 1pm signing starts and met so many authors to the likes of Jeff zenter, Nicola yoon,Scott westerfield, Amy Ewing, Aimee Friedman,Maggie thrash, plus many many more 

For this Nicola was soo great she shocked me by remembering my name, only other authors who have done that is Richelle mead 😍, Jeff zenter which he did again, Sarah j maas , and Julie Eshbaugh, so was amazing time and said look forward to the movie and she said the same. Jeff zenter mostly chatted random stuff since writing still I had asked if still working on guitar and said no sadly but akways great seeing him

Amy Ewing was mostly about tattoo’s and how said one was going be only one but now has a few. 

My fav for contempory writers is gotta be Kody keplinger and always amazing to see her and was so happy to get my arc of lying out loud of hers signed normally don’t do personalizing but loved her book to much and never trading it. Plus she looked like red riding hood I thought looked cool but she said wears a lot since was having bad hair day.

Now just will post some photo’s from the event of laughs and such 

So some photo’s after hit with my friend Rupublic ramen house always amazing food there and will get full. Then last few things it was my friends first time on the subway she has flown before but never ever on a train I was utterly shocked. And had hit bookoff and my total but was 5 books for 5 dollars 

And after there tried cold stone first time for bananas & Oreo shake. Over all that was my night and now under heated blanket and a space heater reading partially perfect. And last  photo all books I got signed today 

My 1992 Diary- Dawn Luebbe

“Another rap that inspired me was “Do the Bartman” by Bart Simpson. I had a huge crush on Bart, and I wasn’t going to let the fact that he was animated get in the way. Skateboarders were my weakness, especially skateboarders with a number one rap single.”

The 90’s were such a simpler time. People were more laid back, nobody got butt hurt over what people said or did and nobody was terrified of what the idiot President would do next. Except stick cigars where they have never gone before. 

Hop in that spiffy time machine and lets go back to a time of denim, high bangs and the best tv shows. Put some scrunchies in your hair, pull out your troll dolls, put on TGIF and sip that Eco-Cooler as we head back to the best decade for everything. 

Dawn kept all of her journals since she was a kid and did what any fame seeking female does. She made a Tumblr and posted some of her favorite and often times funny journal entries from the 90’s. Sparking a huge audience who craved more denim and oversized glasses. They made her a book deal and out popped this blast from the past. 

She is the lookalike love child of Sally Jesse Raphael and Melissa Joan Hart. But way before Clarissa Explained it all. We are still looking for answers!! 

I’m not even sure how I found out about this book since I stay away from Tumblr for obvious reasons. Maybe it found me due to my craving of going back in time and staying there. It was a good and harmless way to go back without freaking out the space time continuum. Some entires were great just for the nostalgia feel and very far and few between actually made me laugh. Nothing ear splitting or pee my pants worthy. 

Now I’m going to leave you with some words of wisdom from our 90’s throwback:

“I think part of me knew I should eat healthier, but why have fruit when you can have a fruit roll-up? Why have corn flakes when you can have Frosted Flakes? And, seriously, what’s more fun than fun dip?”

You can also find more of her journal entries on her website My 1992 Diary


Dirtiest Secret- J. Kenner (SIN)

“Dallas Sykes is a goddamned bastard on toast.”

What the hell does that even mean? It made me laugh though and I hope you enjoyed that quote as much as I did. The only thing that comes to mind is Beans on Toast- You Fat Bastard. I’m sure as hell positive that they are two very different things. 

Have you ever walked into a strip club? The air is different, the lights are lower than expected and shady things are going down. Remember the way your skin feels after just stepping foot inside the doorway of the entrance. There is a warm, sticky, creepy crawly feeling swarming your skin. Like little swimmers are in a wild race to touch every layer of your skin and they won’t ever leave. That feeling of needing fifty showers and still not clean enough. This is how this book made me feel.

And what the hell was the deal with all the uncomfortable cupping? (Gag) This was my first experience with this author and will definitely be my last. And no cupping involved!! See, how hard was that?

This book starts off with a bang…..a finger bang. No lie!! Dallas and Jane have a strong history together. They are adopted siblings (just remember that sibling part for later) and they were kidnapped at the same time. 

As teens, Dallas was attending a boarding school across the pond and Jane went to visit. Enticing the forbiddeness of why she was really there. In the midst of things, people came out of nowhere and kidnapped both of them. They were both tortured and on the brink of death. Jane was released first and Dallas was held for a few more weeks. Him getting the worst treatment but finally getting his release. 

Dallas now is working undercover for a vigilante group named Deliverance to help put away the people who did horrible things to him and Jane. As the story progresses you find out some grotesque things that happened. Not only what happened to them by the captors, but Dallas telling Jane that he’ll always protect her. Love was shared between the two. Then we look away in awkward confusion. They hook up! Umm, I’m talking penetration…. by siblings. What!? What!? I’m not kidding here!!

Dallas and Jane both know this is wrong, but they love to tease each other. They both can’t stop thinking of one another and need to bed one another soon or they both might explode. 

With a forbidden relationship, family will disown them and jail time might be served. Friends see it in an entirely different way and are encouraged to bang their brains out. Seriously!? Why!? 

Jane is now on a mission to get him to finger her in a way no one has ever done before. Dallas may have a problem or two keeping it up. Will they finally get the release they think they deserve? Or will the king of fuck ruin it all?

Through this entire book I was confused and felt awkward. Maybe they were two people who didn’t know any better, But these were two very intelligent people and knew what they both felt and wanted was wrong. They went ahead and did it anyway. And this author made damn sure to mention that they were brother and sister every time something sexual popped up between those two. Yes, love is love but not woohoo between family. 

The only thing I liked about this was the story of the kidnapping and finding out the true answers. The horrible things they had to endure to finally escape. When traumatic things happen it can bring people closer together. Jane and Dallas took it a step to far. Thanks but really… no thanks.

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