Behind Closed Doors- B.A. Paris

“That’s the trouble, you see. The nearer I get to having what I’ve been waiting for for so long, the more I crave it. It’s got to the point where I’m tired of waiting.”

Received an arc copy at BEA Chicago 2016!!!

Anyone in a loving relationship that wants to call it quits over a tiny argument or a disagreement have no idea how good they have it. Something as minuscule as spilled milk and you have to think what others are going through. If you have someone in your life that treats you well and shows unconditional love, hold onto them a little tighter and show them the same respect and love.

Really!? How well do you know your spouse or loved one? You truly never know someone a hundred percent and we all have secrets. Some secrets are more horrible than others. Just be careful what you see on the outside. Look deep into the inside and you might be surprised what you actually see.

Jack and Grace have a marriage that people get envious about. Their lives look picture perfect. They share something that people only dream about having. But looks can be quite deceiving.

Jack met Grace one afternoon at the park and he couldn’t stop thinking about her. He made it his mission to find her again and sweep her off of her feet. Spotting the perfect time to do so, he does just that and falling madly, deeply in love with her and her sister, Millie. Millie having Down’s Syndrome, Grace is more cautious about stepping into something that the family doesn’t agree with.

Millie loves Jack but hates George Cooney. Grace and Jack decide to wed as Millie sits in a hospital with a broken leg.

The perfect marriage that Grace has only dreamed of turns from one she can brag about to one she is terrified to have. Something deep down inside of Jack comes out and now she is stuck in something that could possibly harm her and her sister.

Lies fester into more debilitating lies. Jack has the looks and acts like someone who would never do anything to harm anyone. Nothing is as it seems if you look closely enough.

Once you find the true evil plans that Jack has in store, it is fight or flight for Grace and Millie.

I have never despised a character in my entire life like I did with Jack. That guy is pure venom and I would have harmed him with my bare hands….. if he was real. And to involve Millie into his sick plans. It’s one thing to take your fetish out on someone but not Millie. Don’t hurt my girl now!!

I couldn’t put this book down. It was disturbing and exciting as terror shown its ugly head with every single word. I found myself drawn to the book and I couldn’t wait to see what happened next.

Word of advice for anyone in love, look underneath their skin because a demon might be lurking in the dark!


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