The Masseuse- Sierra Kincade 

“There was nothing quite as perfect as a good friend, brownies, and male strippers to close a crazy day.”

This was more than your wham-bam-thank you ma’am. It was suspenseful and all the hot romance rolled into one. New love is always challenging. 
I’m always a little leery when it comes to discount books at BN. Most of the time they have books that are cringe worthy and other times they have some of my favorites. This being a couple bucks you say what the hell! This was actually a good book. Nothing over the top and I actually enjoyed this one. Even though the sex was a little passé. 
Anna is a masseuse, is great at what she does and it highly recommended to top clients on the area. When the rich silver fox Maxim Stein comes calling she goes running, but without doing a little research of her own. 
On the way to her new clients house she spots a gorgeous man and he comes up to her car just to tease her. The attraction is instant and she thinks her chance is over from seeing him again. Her luck just keeps getting better and she finds the handsome Alec is actually the one of many bodyguards for her next client. 
Whenever she goes anywhere he randomly shows up. At the coffeehouse or the salon where she works. But there is something off about this mysterious bodyguard and Anna is intrigued. Enough so to where it leaves her vulnerable to his half truths. 
Just as things heat up for Anna and Alec, his mysteriousness leaves her heartbroken and at odds. Is she just a quick lay for him or does he feel the something more too? 
Lust can be an awful mistress if you aren’t careful. Instead of testing the waters, things go from a hello to full throttle. Step back and breathe a second. 
This almost had a higher rating. I just can’t handle all the exactness from a lot of these romance stories. The girl is always curvy, the man is always well endowed and things always wrap up neatly. I need a different ending. 
It kept my interest even though I rolled my eyes at times. It’s my go to thing. Plus I’m a pro… ask my husband. 

Maybe I should have a badge that says Eye Rolling Professional…..


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There is nothing better than a great cup of coffee and an even better book.

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