By Your Side- Kasie West


“And what’s wrong with risk? What’s wrong with going after the uncertain choice? The one you haven’t planned to a T.”

It’s every book lovers dream to be trapped inside any library with a cute, mysterious boy. Even though the boy has some serious rumors running around about him. It’s still a dream and I’ll be damned if you’re going to ruin this for anyone!

While reading this book, my mind kept going to the same place. (Hey now! Mind out of the gutter) (Stop!!) (Ugh!!) Stranger Things. Could you imagine Nancy playing Autumn and Jonathan playing Dax? As they survive the Upside Down Library and try to save Jake played by Steve. Someone better call Netflix, I think I found a new show with a Demogorgon, risky romance and an Upside Down Library.

This was my very first experience with Kasie West and if it wasn’t for being trapped inside the library with a bad boy, I wouldn’t have ever given her a chance. Things just seemed a little too cutesy got me. YA contemporary romances are all so similar and highly predictable. But there was something about being trapped inside a glorious place full of books that I couldn’t resist.

Autumn finally gathers up the courage to ask out her crush, someone who she has been crushing over for the past year. There will be a bonfire and alone time for her and Jake. This is the night that will changer her life…. romantically. Before the festivities begin, Jake and their friends get together and prepare for their homework at the local library.

At closing time, Autumn realizes that she has to use the bathroom after splitting a two-liter bottle of DP with her best friend. Running back into the library and finishing up quickly. She soon discovers that not only did her friends leave without her, but she is locked inside the library with no way out. Trying everything she can think of to exit this place, she soon comes to terms that she is shut in without any escape until her friends come to rescue her. Waiting patiently turns into panic as her friends don’t realize that she is missing. So, she is stuck inside the library for three entire days due to Monday being a holiday.

As she sets herself in for the long haul, she finally comprehends that she isn’t alone. Dax, the bad boy loner is locked in with her. This makes for quite an interesting weekend. Autumn will get to know Dax more intimately and find out that there is more to him than she initially thought. Dax brings her into his life while locked in and now things go from loving to complicated as she soon faces the fact that she has fallen for Dax and Jake. The question is…..Who makes her heart beat faster?

This is everything I thought it would be. Cutesy, fluffy romance with a very happy ending. It was obvious who she was going to end up with, but that really is beside the point. These books are here to put you in a better mood and that is exactly what it does.

What really threw me off was the way that Autumns anxiety disorder was horribly portrayed. It was absolutely different from other fluffy reads and that was a plus. Just the description of the one side effect mentioned was awkward and weird to me. It seemed extremely fake and made me feel that it was thrown in at the last minute without a lot of general knowledge of the actual disorder.

Now let us get to the juicy details of this love triangle. Yay! (sarcastic joy) The way that Jake found out about Autumns feelings for Dax were not how normal horny teenage boys act. He was so cool with it that he pushed her further into the arms of Dax. Hold the fucking phone here!!! No one is nice enough to edge a relationship with a guy everyone talks about and not in a good way. And he had feelings for this girl and feelings were both felt by both parties. Sorry, not believable.

This was still an adorable read with an ending that melts your heart. Just remember that there are always two sides to a story. Also, don’t ever go out looking for love. In the end, it always finds you!!


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