Till Death- Jennifer Armentrout

“A finger had hung from each dress. And I knew then I was going to die in that room, like so many others. I’d screamed and screamed until my hoarse voice went out….”

Just reading the description, I knew this was going to be a book that shocked and shook me to my core. It leaves you guessing right up until the end. And that is my favorite kind of story. 
Whenever you read a mystery, whodunnit, you think you found all the clues and solved the great mystery of who was The Groom. I had my top two creepy choices and was disappointed when I thought my main choice was right. And then…. out of left field came an all time hauntingly shocking twist and you come out as being so totally wrong. That the actual psycho was someone you thought you knew and could trust. And whoa! What in the actual hell!!? 
Can you imagine what your life would be like after you escape the inescapable? Being the only survivor of a serial killer. Sasha has to live with the dread of those days every single day of her life. And after ten years, it doesn’t get any easier. 
One day after leaving the side of Cole, she makes her way to her car. Only to be kidnapped by a mysterious guy that parked his van next to her car. The Groom was looking for another victim and thought Sasha would make the perfect bride in his murderous game. After believing that her life is over, she gets one more feat of strength and fights back. Blindsiding her captor and getting away. Not being ale to live in the same town as where this all went down, she moves away. 
Ten years later and she decides that maybe it’s time to move back, help her Mom with her Inn and move on with her life. Seeing everything brings back old memories. Some good and some extremely traumatizing. But she pushes through and rekindles an old romance with Cole. The one who got away.
Trying to start over with Cole and taking over the Inn, things start happening that bring up the past. Someone is tormenting her for being the sole survivor. Taking girls that come into the path of Sasha at one point and making them his next victim. As things start creeping closer and closer to home, things spiral out of control for Sasha as she meets the repeat Groom and he has come to take her breath away…..
This is one of the better suspenseful novels that I have ever read. I made my husband travel out of town to a bookstore just to pick this up and it was worth every penny, every mile, and every earth-shattering twist and turn. If you love romance, serial killers and heart-stopping moments then this is for you. Will have you guessing all the way through. 
Remember to really watch who you keep close to you….

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