Beautiful Broken Girls- Kim Savage (DNF)

“Francesca reminded her that blood was thick and binding, that they were part of each other, that this blood transcended anything. But Francesca’s blood was shifting, turbulent.”

DNF after 45%
I’ve read a lot of reviews that raved about this and that the writing was so hauntingly beautiful. It is so far from the truth. 
I was hesitant about picking this book up, but I talked myself into borrowing it from the library. I got lucky that I didn’t purchase this title. 
Reading the actual synopsis you think it’s going to be dark, spooky and highly original. Boy, oh, boy, are you in for a treat. A treat that is overused and overplayed. It seems to contain so many parts from different books and movies. The thought was not that original at all. And with the hype of Thirteen Reasons Why popping up again, this has that kind of feel to it. With hunting down clues as to what lead up to plunging into the quarry. 
The characters came off as arrogant little shits who were used to being told yes. Underdeveloped and I wanted to kick all of them off the diving rock straight into the quarry. Talk about annoying, immature, horny little teenagers who need to get an actual personality. 
I can’t tell you a single thing that I enjoyed about this. There are only so many times that you can read about a jilted immature lover going on a wild goose chase with the help of his dead ex-girlfriend. 
I’m sure I’ve seen a better story while watching a silent porno involving a break dancing robot. 
Don’t waste your time on something that has already been done before.

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