Seven Days Of You- Cecilia Vinesse 

“But you must be hungry, what with all the kicking ass and taking names. 

I don’t know. I’m a little hungry I guess. 

He grinned, and in the incandescent light of the store behind him, his green eyes seemed to flash. This is a hunger only ramen can cure.”

It has been my dream to one day visit Tokyo. I’ve been obsessed with looking at travel plans and finding what things I should do first. With all the beautiful scenery and amazing food, I would never want to leave. Except if this author was there at the same time. I would run all the way home. 
This book had a few of my favorite things. All things Tokyo, amazing love for coffee and using the word plethora. I couldn’t ask for anything more. At the end of this journey, I have nothing but hatred for everything this book has to offer. Which is nothing! I was overly upset that Godzilla didn’t make an appearance to eat and destroy every single character in this book. I’m not even sure why I wasted my time finishing this. I can only hope that she doesn’t write a novel where they meet again. For the love of humanity, just step away from the book world. 
Sophia has seven days left in Tokyo and she intends to spend them with her best friends. She hopes to show David (her crush) her true feelings for him before she leaves. These last seven days are going to be something to remember. Until she finds out that Jamie is returning from boarding school before she leaves. 
Jamie and Sophia used to be good friends. On the last day Jamie was going to be in Tokyo, he sends a text to who he thought was Mika. Instead Sophia gets it and it breaks her heart. They both say some immature things and it doesn’t end well. Heart break is written on both of their faces. And now Jamie is back. 
Sophia is forced to go to welcome him back and before she knows it she is leaving without a word to her friends. On her way out of the station, she runs right into Jamie. All those old feelings resurface and come back to haunt both of them. 
Her last seven days are supposed to be perfect and now they might be ruined do to the immaturity of both Sophia and Jamie. Sophia is finding it a lot harder to hate Jamie and maybe he’ll be her savior in the land of back stabbing and idiocy. 
This has to be one of the worst debut novels I have ever read. Every single character was immature, dull and highly cringe worthy. Every time they cursed I felt they looked over their shoulders to see if an adult overheard. They all acted like eight year old spoiled ass brats who didn’t get exactly what they wanted. Well guess what sweethearts!? Life will never go how you planned and you still have life left. 
I’m not even sure why I finished this. Seven days are what the Ring told us about and I hoped all hopes for… well, Godzilla and then Samara. Terrorize these people, girl!! 
If I was into kicking books (I’m not! I love all my babies) I would have kicked this shit right out the door!!!

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There is nothing better than a great cup of coffee and an even better book.

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