I Liked My Life- Abby Fabiaschi

‘The Last World sits unceremoniously like a movie screen below me. There’s no spirit offering guidance. I’m not gracefully soaring above in white satin gleaning insight on existential questions that once kept me awake at night. People think ghosts as haunting, but it’s the other way around. You all haunt me. My life is now a delicious dessert just out of reach.”

Have you ever heard that little voice inside of your head? Telling you to read that one last chapter, eat that last slice of pizza, kiss the boy that creates butterflies in your stomach, don’t slap the girl who looks at your man, don’t quit your job even though you’re stressed and maybe give your family a second chance. What if that voice is from the beyond? Someone like a guardian angel always looking out for you. In the roughest of times and the greatest of times. If you knew these things, would you give them a full listen?

I have a feeling the little voices inside my head are George Carlin and Rodney Dangerfield. No Respect I tell ya!!

Imagine… You are on a ledge of a building, you can feel the wind in your hair and always wondered what it felt like to fly. And then you just let go. Feeling your last breath of fresh air and traveling down faster than you thought was possible and then it’s all over. End of the line.

Maddy falls to her death and her husband and daughter are left to pick up the pieces of their life. Maybe with a little help from their friends and even the one that fell through the cracks. On a daily basis, Maddy directs Brady and Eve into the right direction, what to say, what to do and even how to act sometimes. They start to brush it off as memories of the one that they miss every day. But there is something more to the little voice that tries to push them. It’s the voice of Maddy from the beyond. 

Brady and Eve start to search for clues as to why Maddy jumped off the top of the library. They thought her life was picture perfect and enjoyed her daily tasks as to taking care of the family. With no suicide note to read for answers, they try their best to move on with life. Finding her diary is the best way to get answers and closure at this time of need. 

Dark things lurk surrounding the death of Maddy. As the murky picture becomes clear, you will be shocked… at the truth behind what happened and what it currently going on.

I have to be honest, I skimmed the last thirty pages. It got to the point where I knew what was going to happen before it happened. Every few pages I felt intrigued and slowly after that I would drift off. I lost interest in this more than feeling actual enjoyment. I kept having that feeling of been there and done that. Not that it wasn’t well written. Just thought it would be something different.
I need to stop watching movies!!


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