Dirtiest Secret- J. Kenner (SIN)

“Dallas Sykes is a goddamned bastard on toast.”

What the hell does that even mean? It made me laugh though and I hope you enjoyed that quote as much as I did. The only thing that comes to mind is Beans on Toast- You Fat Bastard. I’m sure as hell positive that they are two very different things. 

Have you ever walked into a strip club? The air is different, the lights are lower than expected and shady things are going down. Remember the way your skin feels after just stepping foot inside the doorway of the entrance. There is a warm, sticky, creepy crawly feeling swarming your skin. Like little swimmers are in a wild race to touch every layer of your skin and they won’t ever leave. That feeling of needing fifty showers and still not clean enough. This is how this book made me feel.

And what the hell was the deal with all the uncomfortable cupping? (Gag) This was my first experience with this author and will definitely be my last. And no cupping involved!! See, how hard was that?

This book starts off with a bang…..a finger bang. No lie!! Dallas and Jane have a strong history together. They are adopted siblings (just remember that sibling part for later) and they were kidnapped at the same time. 

As teens, Dallas was attending a boarding school across the pond and Jane went to visit. Enticing the forbiddeness of why she was really there. In the midst of things, people came out of nowhere and kidnapped both of them. They were both tortured and on the brink of death. Jane was released first and Dallas was held for a few more weeks. Him getting the worst treatment but finally getting his release. 

Dallas now is working undercover for a vigilante group named Deliverance to help put away the people who did horrible things to him and Jane. As the story progresses you find out some grotesque things that happened. Not only what happened to them by the captors, but Dallas telling Jane that he’ll always protect her. Love was shared between the two. Then we look away in awkward confusion. They hook up! Umm, I’m talking penetration…. by siblings. What!? What!? I’m not kidding here!!

Dallas and Jane both know this is wrong, but they love to tease each other. They both can’t stop thinking of one another and need to bed one another soon or they both might explode. 

With a forbidden relationship, family will disown them and jail time might be served. Friends see it in an entirely different way and are encouraged to bang their brains out. Seriously!? Why!? 

Jane is now on a mission to get him to finger her in a way no one has ever done before. Dallas may have a problem or two keeping it up. Will they finally get the release they think they deserve? Or will the king of fuck ruin it all?

Through this entire book I was confused and felt awkward. Maybe they were two people who didn’t know any better, But these were two very intelligent people and knew what they both felt and wanted was wrong. They went ahead and did it anyway. And this author made damn sure to mention that they were brother and sister every time something sexual popped up between those two. Yes, love is love but not woohoo between family. 

The only thing I liked about this was the story of the kidnapping and finding out the true answers. The horrible things they had to endure to finally escape. When traumatic things happen it can bring people closer together. Jane and Dallas took it a step to far. Thanks but really… no thanks.

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